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If world leaders played a game...

Asked by LKidKyle1985 (6589points) December 2nd, 2008

So, I had a dream last night that I was hanging out with Vladimir Putin and some other world leaders and we were all playing Axis and Allies. So it made me think, if world leaders played a game like that, or civilization, How would such a game play out?

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Just imagine the possibilities! I think it all depends who is playing… I mean, you get Kim Jong Il involved and some shit might be going DOWN.

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It could certainly get ugly. We’re the world’s only Superpower left on the planet but there are alot of unknowns out there to consider.

- The president of Iran has been pushing Israel’s buttons – very bad and certainly dumb on his part.

- China has the largest standing army currently in the world (2.8 million strong although poorly equipped and trained).

- There is tension between Pakistan and India and they both have nukes and if I remember correctly, they had a stare down a few years back that was quite uncomfortable and could have evolved into something disastrous.

- Kim Jong Il and all his North Korean cronies are wildcards and unpredictable in many ways. This spells trouble too.

- Russia might appear to be our ally nowadays but what if they just suddenly stop playing the friendly nation and decide to go rogue or communist all over again. They have a huge nuclear arsenal just like we do.

Could we consider playing some other games instead that are a lot less risky such as Monopoly or Chess or Poker or Backgammon, just to name a few?

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I assume you’re meaning play a game in the same way we’d all play a game – just for fun and not using real people as their playing pieces?

Putin would win :) That is, unless he saw a tiger in the distance and went all he-man and started trying to have a wrestle with that instead. But then he’d come back to the table, slip a bit of radioactive polonium-210 in the other’s drinks and sit back victorious. But perhaps, if it were a dance-off instead of a war game, Obama might come out on top. He’s got the moves.

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I hate playing monopoly with world leaders. China always gets to be the bank.

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I don’t know if anyone has looked at the new world almanac but we have the highest military budget in the world. Ours is $500,000,000 more than China’s. I thought that was really odd and a waste of money. We have hundreds of billions of dollars more than anyone. I think we could win because if all else fails we could just drop bags of pennies on the heads of every other person in the world. A sock full of pennies would hurt but a whole bag would kill them.

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It would quickly turn into a pissing contest. Games like that bring out the competetive nature of even the best of friends at times! I’d much rather get the world leaders together just to play. Not a game, just silliness. Jump ropes, jacks, maybe a trampoline? Maybe being child-like together would get all of them to see we’re not so different after all.

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They would play leap frog. Except very little leaping would take place. All of them would try to screw the other players.

That’s there nature.

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It would probably go something like this

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