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Boxing; a barbaric game of thuggery or the bomb diggity for some good entertainment?

Asked by BCarlyle (392points) November 15th, 2006
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I think thuggery, although I wouldn't say that as immediately about some of the mixed martial arts type competitions. Maybe it's the audience that makes it so creepy to me.
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Used to think it was stupid until I saw Ali/Frasier on ESPN classic on a cross country flight. THAT's amazing.
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I don't care for it, but according to people who know something about it (which I don't), it is actually quite artistic.
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According to my hubby, boxing is the ultimate sport. Two competitors, relying on their skills not only to hit but also to avoid being hit. You can't blame the weather, your teammates; it's just you & the other guy.
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entertaining thuggery. there's no escaping that two dudes (or women) are smashing each other in the head until one falls down. but entertaining in a primal sorta' way.
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@nomtastic ”there’s no escaping that two dudes (or women) are smashing each other in the head until one falls down.” There are two men and women in the ring but simply trying to pummel the other unconscious is and was not the goal of boxing anymore than seeing how many cars you can pile up in turn #2 in a car race is the reason for racing. Boxing is like fencing with out the swords, it is about scoring points not wild punching because only certain punches done correct ways score. Media is more responsible for the lust of the knock out. Boxing is one of the last pure sports, no hi-tech gear to aid you along and make you faster, no lucky last shot, no hot shot all-star player to rally you to a win in the final 3 minutes, it is all about the 2 people in the squared circle.

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