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Do you take your children (or children in your care) out for fast food? at what age did they start eating fast food?

Asked by jca (36043points) December 2nd, 2008

fast food meaning McDonald’s, Burger King, Wendy’s, your local burger joint (flexible description of fast food). I am just wondering if the trend toward healthy eating affects what parents will allow their kids to eat.

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My daughter loves the Apple Fries at Burger King – so she gets those about twice a month.

I’ll take her fir breakfast a McDonalds twice a year.

That’s it.

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Rarely. We just don’t go that often – so it’s pretty rare. We do try to stay to a more healthy lifestyle, but being truthful, we try not to eat out, anywhere, a lot. It’s tempting and I love a double cheeseburger, but after I eat it, I think of the sodium, the fat…and feel guilty. If I feel guilty, then I certainly can’t feed it to my kids.

However, every other month, the kids get to pick a place to eat out…9 times out of ten – Mickey D’s.

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Rarely here as well…

If we do fast food…it is usually at a sub shop so it is a bit healthier.

Happily, my kids love, love, love fruit.

@cprevite what are apple fries?

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My son has eaten some french fries from McDonald’s when we were on the road and needed a little snack that would occupy his time. Otherwise, he hasn’t touched fast food, though we are fortunate that in San Francisco you can get multiple types of healthy cuisine if you want (his favorite is a chicken kebab and rice dish from a local Middle Eastern restaurant, though technically his favorite thing about the dish are the pickles).

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I get to honestly say that my parents were the downfall to no fast food and soda. Neither of my kids had either, until them! GRRR!

I will say this, both make some decent choices – neither get soda, when they do go. Both opt for the apples, not the fries and we don’t use the caramel sauce. My daughter prefers salads and is careful about the dressing, but if she gets a sandwich, it’s grilled chicken, but it’s still not “healthy” there – but it’s better than other choices!

My son likes nuggets, apples and will get mild. My problem with the nuggets – after one or two, they’ve exceeded the sodium necessary, for the entire day! ICK!

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I don’t have children (and don’t particularly want any), but I’ve read Fast Food Nation, and I’m pretty sure that I would definitely avoid the really fast-foody places almost completely, and go to places like the local burger/pizza/whatever joint on occasion (not even weekly) after reading what goes into that shit.

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I’ve been a nanny for about 5 years and I’ve never once taken them to a fast food place. Part of my job is helping them learn to make good decisions, and eating fast food does not go along with that.

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@Snoopy: Apple fries are a pealed apple that has been cut into fry-like sticks. They put them in the French fry box with a packet if caramel sauce (which my daughter does not like).

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I just had my first child and I do not plan on giving her fast food or junk food even though I like it. I just don’t want her to get use to those things and ask for them. I get so upset when I see a little kid with a bag of chips and drinking soda

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We’re raising our children vegetarian. Good habits start young. Tastes are formed within a child’s first few years. If they grow up without lots of fats and processed foods and corn syrup, they will enjoy the natural flavors of fruits and vegetables. Pile on the salt and fat and sugar at a young age, and they will have a very hard time learning to make good decisions as young adults. Our children are also more eager to try new foods, since they have not been indoctrinated into the “if it’s not on TV it’s no good” culture.

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We’ll use fast food only when we are desperate.

Although, last year, when my son had a late activity that worked him hard, I’d sometimes let him have a quick burger and shake from Micky D.

Other than that, we don’t do it. I’ll drive miles to find a decent restaurant when I’m on the road. I’m really pissed when one I found has gone out of business!

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I’m gonna’ own up to it: At least once a week. Sometimes McDs, sometimes Arbys. It’s just very, very convenient to go to a drive through when you’re on the road a lot. If we have a little more time, we go to Sheetz and order sandwiches or a soft pretzel.

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I hate fast food but I eat it anyway because our family is soo busy.
I think you should try something more healthy.
Go to Chili’s or something and the kid’s meals are like…$5 same price as a happy meal. I think of other options because I used to fear trans fat.

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I would wait until about 5yrs old to give a child of mine any fast foods and then, very very sparingly, probably no soda until even later time.

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