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How do I switch between options in Safari?

Asked by queenzboulevard (2549points) December 2nd, 2008

When it asks me if I want to save my password, it automatically highlights Yes. How do I switch between options using the keyboard? The arrow keys do not work. I think they don’t work in any other apps either, but Safari was the only example I could think of where I always have to choose between options.

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try hitting tab…maybe that will work sometimes you can use tab to move your selection….

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I’ve often wondered the same thing in regard to general dialog boxes. I’ve found no solution as of yet, except that pressing escape almost always chooses the a “no” option.

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I think that’s a mac thing. I’ve seen it in a lot of those boxes and I’ve never figured them out. Next time I hit one for some reason I’ll play around.

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Tab moves the selection one way; shift tab, the other.

I’m running [Win] Safari, but it’s based on the same code, so it should work on the mac too…

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You can tab through the different options, however, “enter” will always select the default option. Use the spacebar to select the tabbed-to option.

It took me months to figure that out, and I use the keyboard a lot.

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As much as I use keyboard shortcuts on Win and Macs, I’m unsure if I’ve ever tried hitting “Esc” or “N” for “No” when such a dialog box pops up on my Mac.

Has anyone else tried it on a Mac?

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N does not trigger No. I haven’t tried Esc

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Escape works, I guarantee it. (Shift)Tab works for most confirmation boxes, but not the particular one in question.

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You need to turn on Full Keyboard Access in the Keyboard Shortcuts preferences (in System Prefs). Alternatively, you can also toggle the behavior using Control-F7 between text boxes & lists or all controls.

Then, the above tip about using the Tab key (and the Spacebar to “select”) will now work.

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@gcoghill That’s the answer I was looking for. Perfect!

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