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Male clothing website?

Asked by johnny0313x (1845points) December 2nd, 2008

Are there any male clothing sites your go to often that are a reasonable price and nice. I am talking for someone around the age of 22. Just wondering if anyone knew of any…

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I’m a pretty big fan of Alpinestars

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All these stores have interesting clothes with a more European look and good cuts, at inexpensive prices. Plus, you won’t look like every other person shopping at the Gap, Abercrombie, JCrew and Hollister. In the case of H&M, quality can be questionable, but the clothes will get you through until you change your style, or find one you like:

Topman – the UK version of TopShop


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These are some awesome t-shirt websites, but as for other articles of clothing I’m not sure:

Threadless T’s
Ten Bills

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@figbash, I ‘ve not heard of Topman before; great looking clothes! And even better prices.

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@eatmunky: Lurve for !

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So wait maybe my math is wrong, but i went to that topman site, and they have some nice stuff for sure. I was originally on the european site that had a pair of jeans for 25 euros i guess is the correct term. Then I saw the link for the US site and that same pair was 50. Now i could be wrong, but i thought 25 euros came out to about 31.00 so wouldnt i save by buying on the euro site and having it shipped to the USA?

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Good question. Wonder if there is an import tax that comes into play, or what the overseas shipping would be?

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i cant imagine overseas shipping being thaaaaat much…i think im getting one over on this company lol….man just goes to show everything in the US or targetted at the US is waaaay over priced!

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let us know how that works out, and what the clothes are like. They had some really nice looking things.

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