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Any other girls ever been given a dreaded thong wedgie?

Asked by maria523 (32points) December 2nd, 2008

So I was at school one day eating lunch when all of a sudden someone comes up behind me and gave me a wedgie while I was wearing a thong.

What made it worse/more embarrassing was that the cafeteria was packed so quite a lot of people got an EXCELLENT view of the black piece of string I’d been walking around with in my butt all day.

Any other girls have this embarrassing thing happen to them?

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Yes, luckily it was in private and it wasn’t nice but, I did it back to him I know it didn’t hurt as bad though.

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He was wearing a thong too?

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Hahahaha prancingurchin, I wish I could give you 100 GA’s for that

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Can’t say I have… sorry?

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Yet another reason to never wear a piece of dental floss in my ass : )

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I actually find thongs really comfortable…

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@Tits Yes, once you get past the “OMG I’m walking around with a piece of string up my butt” factor, then thongs/g strings are very comfortable…When you arent on the receiving end of someone giving you a wedgie of course.

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@maria: yeah, true story. Maybe my ass is just well engineered for them, haha.

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yeah and it hurts like a bitch

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Yes, too many times! The worst was at my friends graduation party. I was sitting on the floor and i guess my thong was showing, and my friend literally pulled me off of the ground by my thong. She pulled so hard it ripped.

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