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What can Symantec do to stop the annoying ccapp.exe error upon shutdown of XP Pro?

Asked by rickyseven (33points) August 30th, 2007

This is caused by one or more Symantec issues. I have successfully deleted it several times utilizing Symantec’s FAQ’S but it keeps popping back up on shutdown.

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I’m not familiar with the particular error message that you are referring to. Is it an error saying that the program/service “ccapp.exe” is not responding? Or is it a more specific Symantec error message?

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It’s not Symantec a Symantec specific error but in doing some research I found out it was caused by their programs. They admitted it and suggested un checking scanning floppy drives. This did not work and I’m sorry to say their help page and department has really gone down hill. When I log off the error is exactly “ccapp.exe is not responding” Thanks for any help.
Be well. Rick

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