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What is your favorite beer? Please no Bud products or Coors or anything of thats sort. They are all just mediocre piss water.

Asked by madcapper (3095points) December 2nd, 2008

I really love trying different imports and micro-brews and I would really like to hear some opinions.

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I like Blue Moon with a slice of orange or Pale Ale (does that count?). I’m not big on beer. Give me a White Russian any day. :)

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There are many micro-brasseries in Quebec. If ou live in the Northeast United States, come by and try some out.

Canadian beer: Molson, almot anything in a microbrewery

American beer: None. It’s all crap, especially PBR.

Mexican beer: Corona

European beer: Carlsberg, Stella Artois, Heineken

African beer: Carling, Peroni, Amstel

When I travel, I like to have the local beer, even if it has a bad reputation. It’s a good experience.

Also, I love cider. I’m trying to get Hunters, a South African cider shipped to Canada, but no luck so far. All I can find is ice cider, which isn’t that bad, but it’s damn expensive and not that refreshing.

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Haha…piss water!

It’s all about Hitachino Nest White Ale.

But if that’s not in stock, King Cobra.

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If you’re ever in the midwest, look for Schlafly beers. They’re brewed in St. Louis and they’re AMAZING. Also good: Fat Tire/Springboard Ale, Grolsch, Peroni, Blue Moon, and some others in that general genre.

I had a few local beers when I was in Germany, Holland, Belgium, and the Czech Republic that blew my mind, but I don’t remember their names and I’m pretty sure you couldn’t get them elsewhere, so it seems like its a moot point.

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@TitsMcGhee – A good German style beer that you might be able to get in the Midwest is Bayern. They actually do it right and don’t over hop it like most American breweries do.

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Good thing JohnPowell isn’t here to witness the PBR bashing!

I’m a boring Rolling Rock girl myself.

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@forest: I will def check that out… where in the midwest?

And ps – Stella is pretty decent, but InBev fucked my hometown over, so I can’t really like it all that much.

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Moylan’s Kiltlifter!

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To the people who said Carlsburg and Fat Tire I must totally agree as those are two of my favorites! Also the Moose Drool was being greatly enjoyed by myself last night. Mtl Zack I would love to make it up to Quebec and drink some beers up there, my Great-grandfather was technically an illegal immigrant from Quebec so I have heritage in that area haha but I have only ever been to Windsor, because it was close and I could drink and gamble at nineteen haha. Oh and I’ll make sure to remember King Cobra haha. There was a point when I was a poor college student and to save money I would pre-game with Steel Reserves, now thats a great beer! haha.
Also since you just added Kiltlifter that is another favorite!

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PBR is the best beer you can get in a can.

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Also a really great beer from the San Diego area is Arrogant Bastard from Stone Brewing Co. Check it! And Rogue consistently makes quality brew!

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I personally enjoy Magic Hat’s #9

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I hope your joking simone, no one needs to experience the Blue Ribbon blues…

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Ahh I love Magic Hat too but I haven’t been able to find it since I moved form Ohio… you reminding me of that makes me sad…

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Also Flying Dog brewing makes some good beer, especially the porter, and Ralph Steadman’s artwork rules and Great Lakes Brewing out of Cleveland Ohio is exceptional!
Sorry I keep thinking of more haha

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@TitsMcGhee – They are in Missoula, MT, but we’re starting to see it more often now on the west coast, so maybe it’s working it’s way out east too.

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Ah snaps. Maybe I could find it, if I search… I’m in the St. Louis, MO area, hence my level of piss offedness at InBev (owner of Stella Artois) for buying out Budweiser and potentially fucking up the St. Louis economy for good…

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Seconds on Magic Hat. I just moved to Vermont, and there’s nothing like it!

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Mmm… Beer…

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@forestGeek – I know they sell Alaskan amber around me so I will be sure to try some. the Jolly Roger and Elysian Night Owl sound really good so if I can find them I will try them. I love Christmas ales and the best I have ever tasted is from Prescott Brewing Co. where I live so if you ever get a chance try it! Also Great Lakes Brewing Co. Christmas ale is a very close second

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@mtlzack peroni is not an African beer it is Italian. Amstel is Dutch and carling is British.

Personally I like Duval.

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Sam Adams Light

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My favorite beer is Shiner Bock. It’s not American beer – it’s Texan beer.

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@madcapper, Ralph Steadman does a beer label?

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yes he does all the designs for Flying Dog Brewing Co. All the labels and boxes. Check it out It’s great beer too…

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Flying Dog is located in my home town, Frederick Maryland! Cool place.

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Blue Moon and Stella.

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In dread that there is a new ban on hoppiness, Bohemia.

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#2 Pilsner Urquell

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Guiness & Black is the ultimate beer beverage. You can only get it at an authentic Irish pub. It’s Guiness and a shot of black current. Nice!

I just had one if the most interesting beers i’ve ever tried.. It was a <something> St. Belgian Wit. Really nice. It was made with Corrinander. Every mouthful was like a bouquet of flowers in your mouth – in a good way.

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I guess i’m one of few that like Tuborg. Corona is great of course.

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@SoapChef, you have good taste!!

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Stella Artois.
Hoegaarden white beer.

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My husband’s homebrew – does that qualify as micro? ;)

However, if we’re out somewhere, hopefully they have Bell’s products – either the Amber ale or their Oberon. Those are pretty fine.

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I’m a big Guinness guy myself. It does a body good.

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Velkopopovicky Kozel Cerne, please! Though I’m also a fan of Xingu, Guinness, Michelob’s Pumpkin beer, Ferdinand’s, and Gift of the Magi. Oh! And Purple Haze! How could I forget that?

Though I also take offense at the sneer against Bud or Coors. I like to think Fluther is inclusive of all opinions. I know some people who have had an enjoyed beers from all over the world and still prefer MGD when they want something to go with their pizza. If you enjoy it, you shouldn’t feel like you can’t answer.

Of course, I’m also super pleased that Asmonet popped in first with a Coors beer. Go Asmonet! Nothing stopping you!

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Heineken starting to be up there on my list.

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@Maverick: Sounds like Belgian Whites are your cup of tea! One of their defining characteristics is coriander. (Which I happen to hate in beer, but it sounds like you really enjoyed it.)

@cheleasbabyy: Damn straight!

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btw, i’m 19 and not very knowledgeable when it comes to beer (yet) but right now I’m in a place where I’m legal, so I will definitely be updating you!

@Empress – There’s just something damn good and refreshing about MGD.. ya know!?

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If you like Corona, you’ll love Landshark

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I’m surprised no one mentions this, and I’m not sure if you can get it in the States, but Moosehead lager is one of my favorite brands. Such a nice beer that goes with everything. The company also brews a super ultra version of it called Alpine, but it’s only available in the Maritime provinces.

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@Madcapper Oh I’m sorry I made you sad! Maybe I could send you some lol

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On Nantucket Island I come from, we have Cisco Brewers. They make a fantastic Whale’s Tail Pale Ale, but it’s kind of hard to get.

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@IBERnineD well thanks haha but I am moving back to Ohio soon for a t least a little while and I fully plan on picking up some #9 immediately upon my return!

Also I am sorry that I am very opinionated on this subject and generally think the beers that are thrown in your face and marketed to the average beer drinker just aren’t that good. I will say that if I am being cheap or don’t have a lot of money I will drink Bud Select from time to time so I can’t hate. But I really enjoy a beer with flavor and Bud products etc. just don’t give me that. I have drank pretty much everything under the suns when it comes to beer like that, I was a college student who partied a lot, I have even spent my time drinking Natural Ice! It’s gross but it gets the job done when all your money is going to school supplies haha

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I also love Guiness to anyone who mentioned it. A good one I had recently was called a Blacktoberfest and its half Guiness half Sam Adam’s Oktoberfest. Very good. Also I have had a stout by the name of TommyKnocker that was really good. Engine Oil from England, not sure the brewer is another good one, not a stout but a black ale. Ska Brewing Co. also makes very good stout and good porter.

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Red stripe with a lime. Yum. I use to love dark beers but my waistline does not.

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@Mtl_Zack and chelseababyy


That is the most disgusting alcoholic beverage I’ve tried to date.

My favorite beer is Abita beer. Especially Purple Haze.

With that said I’m not much of a beer drinker. I like my liquor strong. Rum and Vodka FTW!

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@chica: I LOVE SIERRA NEVADA! I almost forgot about it!

@jess: Red stripe is especially good because I can get it pretty pretty cheap.

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@ madcapper: In Quebec, the drinking age is 18, and as we say “the drinking age is just a suggestion”

@ lightlyseared: Im referring to where i’ve had it.

@elchoopenebre:heineken is great. It doesn’t have a harsh taste.

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@Mtl_zack – You say “American beer: None. It’s all crap, especially PBR”, but you drink Molson, Corona and Heineken? Those are, in all practicality, the same as PBR. Hopefully you’ve tried some US micro brews – beers in the US are definitely NOT all like that crap, just as all Canadian beers are not all like Black Label! :)

Oh, and we cannot forget Maudite and other Unibroue beers…yum!!

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Chimay Grande Reserve
Mendocino Brewing Co. Red Tail Ale

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Heineken is great. It’s the only thing my friend drinks when it comes to beer. I’m the same with Tuborg.

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I recently tasted my first Heineken. It tasted like water with a beer aftertaste. I prefer my beer to taste like beer, so I did not enjoy it but I could see why a lot of people might really love it.

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@elchoopanebre, where I am there aren’t many beers to choose from. We have no miller at the bars.. none of that. It’s only like red stripe, heineken and a few others whos names I forget.. So I’ve been drinking heinie and not minding it. I’m getting used to it. I kinda have to.

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Oh. And I love my beer, but I love tequila more.

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American beer is not crap. Those who think that need to dig a little deeper. Go to your nearest local brewpub on pint night and try a few. We have some pretty good craft beers in Tennessee. But I would guess the best are in Colorado.

Not big on Mexican beers—probably because I haven’t dug any deeper—Modelos are okay

I love Bass and Newcastle. I recommend Moosebreath and LeftHand
I honestly go more for quantity on a budget than quality right now, so I usually only drink high life hahaha.

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I love the piss water comment.. that is totally how I feel about the mass-brewed American beers. You get a GQ just for that.

There’s no way I could single out ONE beer, I like so many! The two that pop into my head first are Peroni and Stella Artois, but that’s just because that’s what I’ve been drinking for the past few months.

I’m happy with just about any Belgian beer; the Belgians know their stuff and it’s hard to go wrong. However, there are plenty of super tasty beers out there from all over the world.

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@forestGeek – I beg to differ on comparing PBR to Heineken/Corona. PBR is more watered-down and stale tasting, by far. I’m not saying Heineken and Corona are fabulous, but I would definitely drink either one if offered a choice between them and PBR. :)

Anyone who hasn’t had a Heineken at the source (in Holland) are majorly missing out.. because it’s fresher and hasn’t been exposed to light the way imported bottles are, it tastes so good!

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@AlenaD – True that! Heineken is much better than PBR, but I feel like Corona is just the same – any beer that is brewed with rice, and not just straight barley malt, is crap. I am with you in that if given the choice, I’d definitely take the Corona or Heineken.

However, when actually purchasing myself, I’ve never really liked buying those mediocre beers that are only like $1.00 less a six pack than the micro brews. I’d rather pay for PBR at $6/12-pack, or get the good stuff for $7–8/6-pack. The Buds and MGDs are just pricier bad beer. IMHO!

I really hope one day to get to try Heineken or Guinness at their sources! This past summer on my trip to Germany, Czech and Italy, I was lucky enough to get many beers that are imported here, from their source, and they are better!

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you feel Corona and Heineken is the same? They do not in any way taste anything close to each other in my opinion.

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Heineken is HORRIBLE the first time i drank it thought someone gave me a bottle of bong water BLAHHHHHHHHH

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@wilhel1812 – No, PBR and Corona are the same (I’m not so much talking actual taste, as quality)...minus the lime and the ridiculous price for Corona. Corona doesn’t have the green bottle skunky taste like Heineken, so taste-wise, they don’t compare.

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Oh, sorry. i misread. And yeah, i hate the price of Corona… I guess you would have hated it even more if you lived in norway. It often costs 70kr in gigs and bars. That’s 9.73 dollars, and trust me it can cost more depending on the place.

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All lot of foreign beers (when I say that I mean a beer that comes from a country other than the one you happen to be in at the time) are brewed under licence by a local brewery in the country you are in. For example Budwieser in the UK is brewed in the UK. (probably in the same place that makes Fosters, Carling, Stella etc… no wonder they all taste the same)

Isn’t this a bit of a con?

OK so a taste test comparing “proper” US PBR with “brewed under licence in Canada” PBR was a draw but from what I’ve read here it’s beer tasting piss water so it’s probably easy to make something taste of that. In Russia there was some backlash against Pilsner Urquell when the Russains found out that in the fine print, that it was made in Kaluga, South of Moscow, with Russian hops and Russian water. After tasting both, locals say the Czech one is much better than the Russian-made beer.

The point is though that consumers are being conned into buying something based on a name and some adverts that isn’t what it says it is.

Wine drinkers don’t have to put up with this crap. If I buy a bottle of Californian wine here in the UK I am confident that the grapes were grown in California and the wine was made where the label says. You never see the phrase “fermented under licence in the UK” now do you.

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I’m a bit surprised we haven’t heard from johnpowell on this one.

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With Thai food – Singha (spelling) malt liquor!
also, fresh Heineken is as good as Beck’s (my favorite)
Grolsh (sp.) is similar.
Amstel is good (I used to call it Heineken Light before…)
Guiness Stout is very good.
Modelo Negros (sp.) tastes good but gives me a headache.
Back to square one, Beck’s Dark is my favorite dark beer!

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Stella Artois (European), Heineken (European) or Steinlager Pure (New Zealand)

elchoopanebre's avatar


As aforementioned, I wholeheartedly agree that Heineken = nastiness.

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I’m gonna jump on the Heineken blows bandwagon! It’s the cheap German beer rip-off that they want Americans to think is classy… yuck!

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I do like my Pilsners and when I don’t want to take out a loan to buy beer I buy Labatts. I like the Labatts.

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Definitely Hitachino if I can pay for it, otherwise… Hoegaarden or Sierra Nevada.

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Oh man, I did forget about Tsing Tao (Thai)... Thai beers are pretty good!

madcapper's avatar

yeah that Hitachino shit is like 4 bucks but I fully plan on buying one tomorrow night!

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4 bucks would be illegally cheap in Norway!

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Fat Tire from New Belgium.

pretty much anything from Magic Hat.

And Flying Dog is pretty delicious. I had no idea Ralph Steadman was involved with them. i probably should have though since his artwork is pretty recognizable. I have his interpretation of Hunter S. Thompson’s Fear and Loathing.

annnnnd Natty Boh? anyone from Baltimore? lol (yes it’s piss but i have my hometown pride) plus 6 dollars for a 12 pack. beer pong anyone??

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Ok, i’m going out to day so i’ve decided to do a little mini-experiment. I’ve bought:

Hansa Pilsner from Norway
Newcastle Brown Ale from England
Budweiser from The US
Kilkenny from Ireland
Miller Genuine Draft from The US
Mack Pilsner from Tromsø in Norway
And a some Tuborg from Norway just in case it turns out it’s a bad idea.

I’ll post what i like the best tomorrow if everything turns out well :)

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Oh, and of course the Tuborg is from Denmark, sorry for that big mistake.

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@ wilhel all in cans? whoah thats strange… I thought many of those only came in bottles

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Negra Modelo.
I want one right now.

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Ok, the Tuborg was the best one. But i guess that’s because i’m used to it. Hansa was good, the budweiser wasn’t good but it went down. The killkenny ended my night.

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Oh, man. This question. Gotta add some Old Viscosity. So good.

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World’s Biggest Liar, Wychwood Breweries, UK.

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@wilhel1812: Newcastle is good but skunky.

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Carls Ale is a really good beer!

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Corona, Medalla Light, Heineken and I LOVE Kolsch, too bad it’s only available in Germany ;(

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@asmonet Right on! Gimme a White Russian anyday ;)

The Dude abides!

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Bitch Creek by Rocky Mtn. brewing Co.

A good ale with a fun name! lol

Always keep some around for girls night!

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