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Where can I get an eggnogg latte?

Asked by Mtl_zack (6765points) December 2nd, 2008

I’m legal in my province (Quebec). Do you think Starbucks would have it? What about Second Cup or Java U?

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“I’m legal in my province…”

If you’re looking for an alcoholic one, no idea. Starbucks doesn’t serve alcohol so that’s not an option. I’m not familiar with the other company you mentioned.

You could make your own!

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Non-alcoholic? Starbucks, for sure. Not sure about Second Cup. Never even heard of Java U…

Alcoholic? Not a clue. I like as’ suggestion.

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Starbucks does have them (without alcohol), but I’ve heard it tastes awful.
I personally haven’t tried it. I don’t much like coffee or the like.. and I don’t like Starbucks.

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@Allie: I’ve never liked them personally, but they have seriously tweaked the recipe, they’re downright foul this year.

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(Works at Starbucks =P)

Supposedly it’s only a slight change to the recipe. I wasn’t around during Christmastime last year.

The new gingersnap lattes are horrible, though (IMO).

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Jack-in-the-box’s eggnog milkshake however….
.. and I usually don’t like Jack-in-the-box either.

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@shadling: Are they really different this year? Or has my tongue decided to switch things up this season? I cannot be imagining this, they’re awful.

EDIT based on your EDIT, sneaky little devil:
Ha! So it is tweaked! Minor change my muscular buttocks!

All the seasonal stuff they crank out is disgusting, I think.

…Goodnight Fluther.

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@asmonet I thought I was the only one! I usually like most of their latte drinks, at worst finding them too sweet but this year it was like they used iodine-nog. It’s not even that I disagreed with the flavor but I tasted something that I feel like shouldn’t be edible.

Same with the Ginger snap/spice? latte, similarly gross.

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How’s the caramel apple spice one? Nonono, Allie.. no coffee…

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Starbucks has mostly improved the quality of drinks compared to last year, as far as I know.

I think there is more eggog in the eggnog, if you know what I mean. Rather than equal parts nog and milk (which is what the ratio used to be), it’s now 2 parts nog to 1 part milk. I think. It’s thicker.

As I mentioned in chat, the caramel apple spice is amazing. But maybe it’s only achieved it’s mythic status because Starbucks employees don’t get it for free, like the other drinks (something about the apple juice being too limited or expensive).

Oh, and Second Cup has eggnog lattes! =D

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Most of you will have no clue what im talking about, but Wawa’s eggnog latte is AWESOME.

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Starbucks everything is downright nasty. I have not found a half decent eggnog latte replacement… Most reputable coffee dispensers refuse to basterdize their coffee in such manner. Cafe Artigiano in Vancover has coffee to die for (and this coming from a not die-hard coffee drinker) but alas, they do not venture into the “holiday coffee” fads. Sigh.

Judi's avatar sells the eggnog syrup. You could make your own!

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I was at Peet’s this morning getting my blueberry muffin craving taken care of and I saw an eggnog latte on the menu. Again no alcohol..

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So, I tried a Starbucks one, and it wasn’t that great. It was also very expensive.

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I take back what I said about the recipe change. It’s apparently the exact same, down to the same brand of eggnog.

@Mtl – I’m going to try one from Second Cup at the next chance. Shall we test them together?

All this talk made me crave an eggnog latte! I’m drinking one now that I got for free. It definitely pays to work at Starbucks.

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@shadling. I was going to go to Second Cup to get one today, but apparently they had none left (it’s that good :P), so i had to have the Starbucks first. I’m definitely gonna go to Second Cup tomorrow though and try again.

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Alright. Let’s compare notes. I plan to get one sometime this weekend.

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I’ll do a Toronto taste test.

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I just had one against my better judgment. It was still disgusting.

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Agreed, had one last week – still horrible. I’m even starting to find a ‘regular’ vanilla latte to be unpleasant; the last one I had left this weird coating on my tongue that was very, very unpleasant. I’ve since switched to drip brew and found it’s not only better (less cream during the day) but much less expensive.

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Oh, so what’s the verdict on the Second Cup eggnog lattes?
I forgot to try one. I’ll go tomorrow.

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Oh ya. They suck. It had like a powdery texture, and all the syrup was at the bottom. Eccchhhh!!!!

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