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Can you recommend a website like, but for clothes?

Asked by La_chica_gomela (12557points) December 3rd, 2008

I absolutely love endless!

The shipping and return shipping is always free. It’s amazing. I can try on the shoes, walk around, see how they look with the outfit I’m planning, and if I don’t like them them, I just sent them back and don’t pay a dime!

And their search features are fantastic. I can pinpoint exactly what I want, and not have to sift through the tens of thousands of other shoes that either aren’t my size, the color or style that I want, or are outside of my price range, unlike with amazon and many other sites.

Is there anything like this for women’s clothes?

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Thanks Cheeb! That site’s not bad. The clothes were really cute. I really liked that there’s no minimum price for free shipping. Return shipping you have to pay for yourself though.

Their search tool didn’t even compare to endless though. For some reason you can filter dresses by length, but not skirts? And I couldn’t find a tool to sort by price…why is it always the $300 top that one’s eye is immediately draw to?

Nevertheless, pretty cool, I’ll definitely be back there.

Kiev749's avatar is amazing. witty shirts.

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Thanks Kiev, those look like really cool t-shirts. But the only similarities I see between the two sites is that they both end in “dless”. Shipping is not free on this site, even on large orders, and search tools are irrelevant because they only offer one type of clothing item – shirts.

Sorry, to be honest, I would probably be a lot more interested if my dad didn’t work in t-shirt production and printing. Every time I see him, he gives me at least 5 shirts, and I have so many now that the idea of acquiring any more t-shirts gives me a headache.

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