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Is there a generic for Capstar (nitenpyram)?

Asked by boozjee (15points) December 3rd, 2008

Does Novartis hold exclusive rights to it or can it be purchased at a farm supply or some other outlet under its chemical name, nitenpyram?

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I can’t find anything online about a generic equivalent, but you can get a pack of 6 for under 20 bucks. I can’t see why you would need more than that, Capstar is not supposed to be a primary flea solution, but kind of a last resort. Put on some Advantage, give him or her a capstar, and that should clean it right up. Don’t forget to vacuum!

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I tried advantage drops and my cats lost their hair at the place I put it on,I have never bathed them and They would use me for a scratching post if I did.I have used the pills and they work for a short time. I just need to vacum more. any advice for a more permanent thing? My poorcats are itching all the time?

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You can try comfortis. It’s a new organic flea killer. Has some side effects, but they’re not as bad as Advantage. Do an internet search for it. You might have to show the info to your vet to get him to prescribe it.

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I used a generic (Canadian?) I bought from someone in Florida on Ebay, however I now see this seller doesn’t have it listed anymore (I’ll let you know if I get a reply from them). I vaccumed well the first day and sprinkled Sevin dust on the carpet and left it for two weeks (yes I really wanted to vaccuum it up but I resisted). I then gave them (3 indoor/outdoor cats and a dog) the Nitenpyram once every three days. Our “never ending” flea/itching problem was conquered; for about 6 months that is. I will be repeating the process again now (when I can find some more affordable Nitenpyram).

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I have found another supplier of “generic” nitenpyram. It is Little City Dogs on Ebay. Two of my cats don’t like the taste of it (the other two are ok wiith it) even though I mix it in their canned food. They liked the other brand just fine, but that seller (also on Ebay) is still not selling.

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