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Can you do anything besides waiting, if you get a bad haircut?

Asked by windex (2932points) December 3rd, 2008

With people dying of hunger as we speak and all the other things happening in this world (all the injustice) the last thing I care about are my looks. But what can you do besides waiting for your hair to grow back?

Also, @ work, can’t wear a hat…

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You can always just pull a Britney and shave it off.

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Love the tags. :)

You can always get another haircut to fix it?
Or get a buzz cut.
Or wait.

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I agree. Shave it all off.

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When it doubt, buzz it out!

Try a little mohawk. Not like a punk ruck one, but like this.

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Yeah, your best bet is to just shave it all off and/or wear a wig.

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Thanks Y’all


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Oh, believe me – I know a bad hair day, hair cut and then the day when I lost all hair to chemo. Let me tell you…bald is a bit freeing! What isn’t ok, is the lack of eyebrows! YIKES!

If you can, buzz it! :)

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Bald is awesome if you are Yul Brynner, Vin Diesel or Natalie Portman. I just don’t see it working on most people though.

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I said hat and then realized you can’t wear one. So, hmmm….get some extensions? or some of those fake hair things they have at Target…

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Dye it bright red and spike it all over! You’ll need some heavy-duty gel, but the terrible harcut will be hidden.

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Hey, that completely messy look! Now is a great time to experiment! :)

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Dye it a darker color. Works every time.

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compare with a person whose hair cut is worse than you and take satisfaction out from it

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Shave it and then spread some of that Chia pet stuff on your head. By Friday you’ll be lookin’ good.

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If you are female, you could wear a headband of some sort. Barrettes (or ponytails, if your hair is long enough) can disguise a good deal.

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Windex is a guy. I’m fairly certain.

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