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Does anyone else think of their life as a movie?

Asked by nebule (16452points) December 3rd, 2008

Think of their life like a movie? You know…like dramatic stuff happens to you…and you think that if you did make it big in some way that someone would perhaps make a film about you and you imagine as you go through your daily life, when things happen, how they would be good in a film… but you know really that no-one is really going to make a film about you…its just simply the way you see your life passing you by? Or…is it just me? AM I bonkers? lol :))) If this doesn’t make sense…further explanation can be given….

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Yeah. I do sometimes :P

I pretend I’m on my own reality TV show, sort of, but silently, and discreetly. I don’t know.

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I did until around age 40. Then my life seemed more like a B movie or cartoon, or a bad reality show.

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you are not crazy. i find myself thinking that way all the time. started thinking my life is a movie as far back as teen years.

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you are ALL brilliant! and you should all have movies made about you!! Any ideas for soundtrack songs???

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Hey! Next time, put more in the title of the question. It makes it easier for people who are interested in the question to find it, and to answer.

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I think life is full of what I call “movie moments”, moments that are spectacular enough to be captured on film. But normally, no. My life is way too mundane to be a movie.

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Nah, I get put off by the fakeness of certain movie scenes, such as in a recent movie I watched, Man on the Moon, about Andy Kaufman. They overtly changed some of the crowd reactions to better fit the story, and they never truly stay true to the person’s life. I know somehow they’d screw my movie up a bit and I’d hate watching it. If anyone deserves a movie, it’s my mum, and it’d be one of those real sappy movies with Meg Ryan in it.

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Yes, extremely. My life is like a tragic comedy of errors.

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@tonedef sorry hun i didn’t realise people looking at this website are on a time limit…but noted…. will do next time…!!! ;)

And to be fair…i am new here…. and i thought it would draw people in if you know what i mean!!! :)

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I do, mmm… it’s pretty interesting to see things from that point of view

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nope, you’re bonkers.

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I want my own theme music.

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Any time I think of my life as a movie, I ask myself one question:

Who the HELL would want to watch THAT?

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My life might not make the big screen but it would be a great tear-jerker on the Lifetime channel-with Isabella Rosselini playing me!

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I do it all the time. I imagine in my head how something I do would play out and all sorts of things I would say and how they would respond and then they hit me in the face and I pull a knife…and then I’m like I don’t think it would go that far. Actually it’s never as dramatic as it is in my head. I do it because I’ve seen soo many movies that it’s hard not to imagine something awesome getting ready to happen. Also I have a tendency to always think people have a hidden agenda when saying or doing anything. Not necessarily towards me, I just always imagine what it is they really want…

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My whole life wouldn’t make a great movie, but it has provided enough material where I could probably write a screen play. I promised my friend Dan a character based off of his personality. When he thinks aloud to himself he refers to himself as Kyle, because calling himself Dan sounds crazy.

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Yes, and you’re all just extras.

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Of course not, what a stupid thing to say…pshhh

aaaand cut!

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Nope, mine’s just an autobiographical novel. doh

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Yeah. Of course! Everything is like a movie or book or work of fiction. Reality only makes sense when you use your imagination to interpret it, or represent it.

Anyone here seen the movie Leolo? Perfect example of someone putting their childhood memories into a movie.

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I do I do! I think about the soundtrack like what would be playing right at this moment and stuff…
And sometimes I think of it as a TV series like say Neighbours or Home and Away, though of course with much nicer people and not so much drama.
And sometimes I think that maybe I’m inside a story… well, the story of my life, and I only exist because someone is reading it out…

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As of now my life would be a prettttttty boring movie.

But after I get my degree my life will become interesting- this I have promised myself.

I want to travel everywhere and go job to job living with people I know- (I know people in Jamaica, Puerto Rico, Bosnia, Italy, England, Germany, and Australia).

Also, I’ve always wanted to bum around the U.S. and see all 4 corners.

It’s definitely a goal of mine to get off the beaten path and do some exploring.

Hopefully by the time I die a semi-interesting movie could be made about my life.

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I don’t think of my life as a movie, but when things go wrong, I imagine movie-like resolutions…

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I sometimes do. And sometimes I’m not even the main character.

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Have you ever read The Hero’s Journey by Joseph Campbell? In all great films and stories there’s a journey the hero(ine) must take from innocence to experience and back to, well, not innocence; “incorporation” is the only word that comes to me. I think of my life more in those terms, in an archetypal way. There’s a lot of things that’s happened in my life that would make great film.

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I do it all the time, but I think I’m worse because my sister’s boyfriend writes movie scripts so I actually think one day it could happen :)

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i think of my life as a sims game. that may or may not say something about me haha

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Hehehe, after I play the Sims for a bit, I see my life as being in the Sims world – I can judge my hunger and sleep levels, I can estimate what color my green crystal is, etc. :D

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I’ve never played sims… something i might have to look into eh!

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Oh no lynneblundell!! If you are or were a fan of doll houses or Barbies and the like, you’ll get ruthlessly addicted to The Sims. I have a binge and purge relationship with The Sims 2. I install it (and all the expansion packs, there’s like 6 packs and 5 content packs, which takes a lot of time indeed), play it like mad for a week or two (hours at a time), and get so sick of it that I uninstall it for a year.

* Pro Tip! * Be on the lookout for some type of Complete Collection to save some money, cause they sure add up in price ($cha$ching) if you buy them individually.

* Double Pro Tip!! * The Sims 2 is the second version of The Sims. It is in 3D and is geenrally an improved game. But if you have an older computer, you might have trouble playing it. Luckily The Sims (the original game, sometimes known as The Sims 1) is still an awesome game with pretty much the exact same functionality, just not in 3D; it runs great on old computers, and you can probably score a copy with all the expansions for less than it costs to buy one copy of the base game The Sims 2.

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@lynne & dynamic, it really is sooo addicting! it’s so much like barbies, really. and i swear my computer is about to blow up because i download so much custom content from modthesims2. but yeah dude, i go through phases too, but i never uninstall it. which explains my computer situation ):
also! oh man. sims 3 is coming out. i don’t know if this is a good or bad thing DD:

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I often think of real life as a video game, too. Not The Sims, but Crash Team Racing. kidding

Really, though, life is a video game. Except you only have one life. =(

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Yes – we watch too much tv. Blame the tv!!! It would not be much of a stretch to go on and say there is also a soundtrack playing in the background.

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My brother does that. I always mimic movie lines to my brother and he does it, too. It has turned into regular chat.
“Leave the gun, take the canoli”
“The hell I’m not!”

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Heh, good question. I sometimes have these “revelations” i call them. Usually happens when i’m well rested, and usually during my holidays. I guess that when i don’t work that much, i’m spending a lot more time meeting other people, increasing my social interactions. And then the movie begins… :)

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Absolutely. If I had funding I would produce the sucker. It would be a magical melodramatic musical.

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Yeah its like the Old After school TV movies filled with lessons about morality and friendship and sweet tales of young love, oddly interspersed with unexpected clips of hot, hot porn…

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Oh hahaha yes! totally think that! yay im not crazy! My soundtrack song would be from no doubt – Im just a girl! lol

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