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What is an item that you splurge on that you really can't afford?

Asked by jessturtle23 (3308points) December 3rd, 2008 from iPhone

Mine are expensive groceries, especially cheese, and expensive handbags. I feel silly and a bit guilty when it comes to the bags because it usually cost more than the amount of money that goes in it. The food not so much.

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$4.00 triple medium lattes at Peet’s coffee. It’s ridiculous, but oh so tasty.

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$5 foot long at subway everday. eat it for lunch and dinner. I could be making dollar sandwiches everyday instead :(

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I splurge on expensive haircuts and occasionally going out to dinner on weeknights. (Somehow on the weekends, it’s acceptable).

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LARPing costumes. There’s this great dress from hot topic that would be perfect for the feast that happens at every event (you’re supposed to dress up a bit) but it’s a hundred dollars, and with the collapse, I don’t really have too much money left but I kind of want to buy it anyway…

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In the recent past, it has been maid service every two weeks. I just had my last cleaning yesterday, and now I’m going to have to cancel, at least until things are better again : (

I get expensive haircuts, too, but I only go about once a year. In between times I trim my own bangs.

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I buy too many books. I love books.

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Vintage Swatches, taxidermy, good eats/drinks.

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Eating out.

Bikes/cycling stuff. I keep buying new bicycles even though I have several! I usually end up selling one on craigslist to balance it out, though.
Financially, I’m really in no position to be spending money on new bikes/bike stuff.

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I’d probably be financially much better off if I didn’t blow money on:
– spa treatments
– cigarettes
– shoes
– iTunes impulse-shopping
– take-away food
.....but, would I enjoy the money any more? I doubt it!

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Alcohol and shoes mostly, sometimes clothes, unnecessary food/snacks, and jewelry.

and sometimes an herbal refreshment or two…

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i recently bought a crapload of skittles so i could get the strawberry ones and put them in a big jar for my girlfriend. (she only likes the red ones) so ive got such a huge excess of skittles at the moment. those things are kinda expensive when you add it all up

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@skabeep: But that’s adorable and totally worth it! Lucky girl :)

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hookers chests

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Quite frankly: sex toys. Nothing in an obnoxious color or scary shape for me. My favorite company at the moment is lelo.

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Thanks Del for being the first one to mention sex toys, i always feel like I’m the first perv to mention them and I do agree, being a friend of Lily and Ella is nice but pricey.

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Don’t worry, I understand completely!
And yeah, I have a Mia shipping right now. I’m all gleeful and excited for it to come. (pun potential, there.)

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@delirium: Best I’ve found is the bullet…

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Not sure this question was about the merits of various sex toys

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Ah, but there is a fluidity of fluther that is so alluring!

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Mia beats bullet any day.

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