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What is the name of this song?

Asked by atr408 (357points) December 3rd, 2008 from iPhone

I know its by mac dre but I don’t know what’s its called. Here are some of the lyrics. “stop, I can’t take no more
why is the police steady knockin at my door?
24/7 the devils be trippin
they say some banks was robbed and I fit the description. ”

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Raptrash ripoff

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thats not what I was looking for

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I can’t seem to find a mac dre song with those lyrics, but I do know that Public Enemy uses the phrase “a bank was robbed and I fit the description” in the song Get the Fuck Outta Dodge….

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Google mac dre, look it up on iTunes, use that app on your Touch that id’s songs, I forgot the name.

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how did u know I was using a touch?

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your profile

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and dam you found that fast. Thanks

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your welcome

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reminds me of a song from the 80’s. “Somebody’s knocking”, but it’s not a rap song.

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now I just have to find a place I can listen to it from my iPod touch. Any suggestions?

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That’s a Catch-22. If you could play it somewhere, you would know the name of the song. I feel your pain.

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I already tried it but the song isnt on there

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did you look under featured artist or did you search?
why don’t you just youtube it then?

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I checked YouTube and it's not on there and I just searched for it on

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