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What's the matter with Sweden?

Asked by gilgamesh (227points) August 30th, 2007

I’m currently doing an international project about sweden and i need some help finding some political and economic issues or just any big problems sweden is having right now. i’ve checked on some news but it seems sweden is doing pretty good right now. anyone have any suggestions of current events that are worth noting?

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one of internet’s largest torrent tracker, the pirate bay, is based on sweden and the whole world is pressuring sweden to take down the site but thepiratebay is stilll up

btw if you want current events about sweden try this

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To expand on what mirza said.. Link there is so much fascinating shit going on you could easily write a awesome report. And look into the Pirate Bay guys relaunching Suprnova.

And really.. I would talk about the Pirate Bay. It could easily fill half an hour.. And it won’t be another stupid legalize weed speech most teachers have to hear 50 times per year.

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