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Does anyone else feel sick after eating egg?

Asked by overgrownbat (163points) December 4th, 2008

I like egg.

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No, can’t think of a time I got sick from eggs, no Easter has ever been that cruel to me. Maybe it’s just one bad egg, or the quantities you’re eating them in. Apart from the obvious, it being an allergic reaction.

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I’ve never heard the singular “egg” used in the way you’re using it.

I’d expect your question and details to say, “Does anyone else feel sick after eating eggs? I like eggs.”


Anyway, is the problem that you very much enjoy the taste of eggs, but you feel sick after you eat them? So you would like to continue eating them, but you dislike feeling sick? So you would like to know why you feel sick to see if there is some part of eating the eggs that you can modify to prevent the sickness?

Additionally, as rockstargrrrlie has pointed out, if you’re asking the internet something, chances are that someone else does feel the way you do. If someone else does get sick after eating eggs, how does that help you? Perhaps, in the future, you should restructure your questions in a way that will produce answers that are helpful to you, i.e., “Why would the consumption of eggs make one feel sick?” or, “What are the options when you enjoy eating a food that makes you feel sick?”

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@girlofscience: Thanks for the constructive criticism, I’ll think about what you said in the future.

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My kids never liked eggs in the morning because eggs made them feel rather queasy. They still don’t eat eggs often and never in the morning. The Doctor said that it might have been too much protein for the kids early morning stomachs. They never got ill, just quesay.

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@Sueanne_Tremendous: Yeah, that makes sense. Whenever I eat eggs in the morning I just feel sick. I like eggs, so it just doesn’t seem to connect for me.

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I love eggs, but couldn’t be in the same room with them while I was pregnant.

Also, last year, when I got the flu shot (and it was my first flu shot ever), I got hives if I ate eggs—and this situation lasted for six months. Now, however, I’m fine again, and eat eggs whenever. I was told I can’t ever get another flu shot.

So, if this is helpful, I don’t know.

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Some people are allergic to one degree or another, either to the egg-whites or the yellows. I’m not, but I can only eat so much egg before I start reaching a limit and it becomes unappetizing. Sulfur overload, maybe?

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I like eggs, but they’ve made me feel sick ever since I can remember, too. When I do eat them, I definitely have to limit myself. I’ve noticed that for some reason though, I feel far less sick to my stomach if I scramble them. No idea why.

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@DrasticDreamer: Glad I’m not the only one! Scrambled eggs definitely don’t make me feel as sick.

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Maybe you’re allergic, see a doctor before eating more egg.

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the amount of antibiotics, pesticides and other chemicals in ordinary store-bought eggs SHOULD make you sick. i dont and cant eat them. i buy all organic foods as much as possible. if you knew what was in most of our food these days – due to corrupt,greedy corporations that manufacture the food-you would realize that it is the sole reason everyone needs so much so-called healthcare. i suggest you read kevin trudeaus books and log on to dr.mercola’s website. heres to your health friend!

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girlofscience you are rather rude. You made no attempt to actually help jax, instead you criticise her grammar and show off about your (perceived) superior knowledge of the English language. Shame on you.

Jax, do you buy the eggs with Omega 3? I sometimes find those eggs a bit fishy in flavour and feel unwell after eating them.

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YES…i am not sure why myself…..i use to love them sunnyside up….i cannot even eat them scrambled anymore…..they come back up….perhap certain meds (lopid) may be the cause….

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YES! They make me feel really sick to my stomach even though I lovvvvvve them.
I searched to see if this question had been asked, and there are 10 pages of entries for “eggs”....hmmm…

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Yes, I do get sick from eggs. I love eggs and was able to eat them when I was younger. Now that I am older (62) I feel really queasy as I am eating them. This started several years ago. I have stopped eating them. I eat turkey bacon in the a.m. for protein. I have not asked a doctor about this.

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