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when should i get a new mac laptop?

Asked by zina (1653points) August 30th, 2007

i need a new computer – ideally asap (say a couple weeks), but with a good argument within a month or two.

[more info, if desired: i just started grad school this week, and i already tell that it’s gonna be a little rough with my totally-full HD (yes, i have externals), non-functional Word (macros which infected and i can’t get rid of them), and non-functioning iPhoto…... of course there are computer labs, but that’s obviously less convenient, especially for composing, which is what i do. huge files, specific software, noise making….]

now that i’ve started school, i have the student discount. i’d planned to buy around now, but there was that discussion last week about Leopard’s release in October—any updates on that? i can see the sense in waiting for that, but what if it’s postponed? is there anything else i should know about in the upcoming weeks/months to factor into this decision? thoughts?

and of course if you have thoughts on specifications that’s helpful too!

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Leopard is looking to ship on time.. I would say around the end of October. With the student discount Leopard should be $69. I don’t think any laptop updates are coming out anytime soon. I would personally buy one now if you need it.

And it sounds like you are having software problems. Have you thought of backing everything up and re-installing OS X. A fresh install of OS X should clear up the weird problems you are having. If your current computer is fast enough but acting wonky I would try to fix the software problems before buying a new machine.

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Depending on your financial situation, Leopard is only supposed to cost $129.00 for a single-user license… so that’s all you’d lose if you purchase now and then buy the OS upgrade. Apple has a big announcement next Wednesday, presumably about the new iPods… I am unaware of any other rumors.

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Which model are you considering?

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From it looks they’re won’t be any updates soon. But Apple has a deal ending 9/16 that gives you a free iPod Nano with purchase of a computer (for students)... so I would definitely take advantage of this deal (even if you just sell the nano, that’s a big discount). It might be worth waiting for the announcement of the new iPods, though (historically, I think the deal wouldn’t include “brand-new” iPods, but I could be wrong).

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what apps beside iLife and MS office? MacBook might be all you need and entry level one at that; but if ur considering more media apps (i.e final cut for pro-level editing) then might require a beefier system.

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i am keeping my fingers crossed for the apple event on october 5th

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The next Apple event is September 5. I doubt either notebook will be refreshed. Therefore, go get one today. I recommend purchasing from your nearest Apple store if possible.

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Don’t buy Office, get iWork ‘08. Especially now that Numbers is released there is no reason to go to office. (and PLEASE don’t say Entourage.)

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@ tw0k1ngs yeah you said it iWork 08 rocks! Of course until we find out for certain whether or not leopard has true exchange support those of us who work in exchange environs are still slaves to-you guessed it-Entourage…although I found a nice iCal sync Applescript that syncs Entourage/iCal/iTunes/iPhone together but it’s not quite 100% bi-directional.

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If you can hold off until February, do so. Historically Apple has released new computer models either in early January after the holday season, or later in January after the MacWorld event.

The MacRumors link is also a great resource to track certain models and their release history.

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there is an update to the MacBook pro right around the corner, though it sounds like a regular MacBook will be perfectly sufficient for you… That’s what I have, works wonderfully

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