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What are some things to do for a rainy-day-date!

Asked by evanc (27points) December 4th, 2008

Help! I have a date today and my plans are kind of ruined by the rain. . . I’m a pretty poor guy so anything free (usually the best, right?) would definitely be ideal. And please don’t give me google answers… been there (;

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Picnic in the living room with table cloth on the floor, wine, cheese, and a nature CD in the background.

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Snuggle in a bed and let imaginations and hands wander

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Bowling. It’s indoors, cheap, and most importantly…. it’s fun.
Ice Skating? Board games?
Good luck, have a good time. =)

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Some museums have free days, you can check that out. Art galleries are always free. Libraries have stacks to wander through, picking books and talking (furtively)...

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Chess and rain seem to go together. I don’t know why.

All other suggestions work, too. I just like the idea of chess. I don’t even like chess. Just the idea of it.

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Museum’s a great idea.

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I like Judi’s answers. At our house, we also have a fireplace so you could even do that if you have one. Or how about a movie marathon or video game tournament (provided you have a whole bunch of movies or some sort of video game setup).

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play in the rain… The colder and wetter the better. Leads to getting cozy and warming each other up! =D

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good idea skabeep! haha i was just thinking of the doing the same thing

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Bowling is always a hoot and a holler, and leaves room for continuing the date (grabbing a bite to eat afterwards).

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Last week I took my girlfriend on a 2 mile hike to this little survival shelter on the ouachita trail in heavy rain then we squished together in my sleeping bag. Was cold at first but we quickly warmed up. It was a good time.

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Let’s put it this way. . . I can’t afford bowling haha… I haven’t worked since May (if that puts anything into perspective) and I barely make money for rent. I’m lucky to have a date! But she’ll be here soon so hopefully things go well
thanks everyone for the help

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Rent a movie

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Are you a musician? My son told the funniest joke the other day (he’s a musician)
Q: what do you call a musician without a girlfriend?

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judi that was really mean

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my son said it, and evanc said he was more than broke! I thought I took the “mean” off of it when I admitted that my son (who I love) is in the same broke boat.
I have been accused of a lot of things, but i can’t recall when I was last accused of being mean. I would never intentionally hurt anyone

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Find which place in town has the best hot chocolate and take her there. Even high quality/fancy hot chocolate costs a lot less than buying 2 meals. Unless of course she is allergic to chocolate….

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i thought it was funny

I can’t imagine what the plan was for the date if you can’t afford bowling.
A walk in the park?

Go walk in the mall, it’s got a lot of room and enough distraction to keep you talking at a relaxed pace.

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Ya know, the library can be pretty sexy. We once played a game there (in the old days when you looked things up on cards). We each wrote four words on a piece of paper and then we combined the words to make book titles, or more specifically, we looked for book titles with some or all (that never happened) of the words. We had a contest to see who could find the most books using the card catalog and then we had to actually find the books in the stacks. It sounds soooo stupid but we had such a a wonderful time. After, we got coffee at a real live coffee shop…a shop more like Monk’s on Seinfeld then a Starbucks. Ahhhh…those were the days my friend…

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card catalog?
is that like hallmark online or something? : )

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@fireside-it was how we used to have to look up books, etc at the library prior to using a computer. If your under the age of about 35 you may not know what this is.

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@Judi. I thought the joke went like this:
Q: What do you call a drummer without a girlfriend?
A: Homeless.

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I like the idea of finding free places to go in the city—there are fun things to do almost anywhere: Maybe you could ask the fluter community specifically about what is good to do for free in your town/city, and see what you learn.

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@skfinkel-that’s a great idea. I would try that too.

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I guess it could apply to anyone who chose to pursue their passion even if it doesn’t make them money ;-)

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I thought it was funny Judi! haha thanks
Today went well (:

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ooh ooh! i love rainy days. this is easy. if you have any cooking skills, making a great dinner for your SO on a rainy day just sets everything off. yeah, i know, snuggling in bed and all that stuff, but the meal is the foreplay before the snuggling. who doesn’t like to eat?

make the meal for her or run out to the store and pick up all the stuff together. the whole episode is the pre-game to a great day or evening. prepare the meal together and talk about anything and everything. the anticipation of eating whatever just leads to romance on another level.

oh yeah, i can definitely make something happen on a rainy day.

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hahah hell yeah got game

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Then, you could make something (before she comes). Eat before of after. Boardgames, Card Games, etc. I am not sure I am just brainstorming :).

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Go and watch a movie or read a book.

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Romantic dinner, snuggle up on the couch with a blanket and watch movies, video games =P

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