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Straight guys who like to wear girls underwear, turn off or turn on for girls?

Asked by lunabean (630points) December 4th, 2008

How many women are ok with their guys dressing this way? I have no problem with it.

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If my partner wants to wear girls’ underwear, great for him. But it’s not a turn on for me. I’ve seen it before, it was more hilarious than arousing to me.

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Um, I vote no. I like guys in their underwear (specifically my husband, Andy Garcia, George Clooney…not necessarily in that order)...but guys in my underwear…not so much.

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creep me out

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i thought it would be weird for a guy to wear girls undies. Like david beckham wearing victoria’s .

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turn off. i agree with dynamicduo on it being funny but definitely not arousing.

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I have seen him in ladies underwear as a joke many years before we dated but it would be a turn off.

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Whoaaaa, how am I unaware of this trend? Do a lot of ladies like guys in girls underwear? Because I think that’s weird as hell, and pretty gross…

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OFF. Completely.

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I’m waiting for Andrew to answer this question.

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scary thought

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There’s a high-fashion trend in Britain at least involving men using other women’s clothing items, which maybe this has something to do with? I don’t know or care enough to research, but I have heard from the fashion news of Albion such terms as mantyhose, and man-purse. Um, ya. So far I’ve not heard that it’s inspiring any actual attraction from any females, though.

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where do you put the thing.. ?

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I don’t even picture that. WOMENS underwear is WOMENS for a reason. Lets please keep it that way

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All right, I’m going to be the complete and utter pervert and say that I think men in women’s underwear is absolutely hot. Ever seen Rocky Horror Picture Show? My ultimate goal is to get my boyfriend to dress like Dr. Frank N. Furter, stockings, heels and all.

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You mean a huge pair of granny panties? LOL! I enjoyed the answers here. Totally hilarious.

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From a man’s point of view, it provides a certain softness our underwear doesn’t provide, stretchability to accommodate the package, but most of all, it makes you feel pretty :D

Seriously, though, guys do this?

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Maybe it’s panty envy? The guys who do it may just be jealous of all of the styles and fabrics available to the ladies, and want to “break out” of the chunk of cotton/not much better than a loincloth male undies. Just a guess. Why do transvestites dress in womens clothing? Who knows, but my brain hurts and I really don’t want to picture this in my head anymore.

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I had a friend who liked to cross dress. I tried to be open minded about it and supportive of him to the best of my ability. I helped him with his Victoria’s Secret orders, and even did his makeup once.

I did these things because he was a friend and I wanted to keep an open mind. He explained to me why he enjoyed doing this. I was able to support his feelings about this, however I would not want my partner to do this. It is not a turn on for me.

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It doesn’t personally turn me on but I’m sick to death of double-standards. What does everyone here think boy shorts are for? Women? No, think again. That’s even creepier because “boy shorts” aren’t even designed after men’s underwear, they’re designed after little boy’s underwear.

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drasticdreamer: but little boys’ undies come up to their belly button, boy shorts are lower.

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It doesn’t really turn me on. It’s kinda weird to me.

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@jca: I know that, but the entire design is based off of them, which is exactly why they’re called “boy shorts”.

There’s always a double-standard and it’s highly annoying. Women wear tights now, which never used to be the case. Tights were specifically designed for men and now it’s the opposite.

What I’m saying is, it’s no different than women who wear boxers (which were created for men originally) or jeans (again, created for men), or tights, etc, etc, etc. The list goes on and on.

While I still hold the stance that it doesn’t personally turn me on, it’s ridiculous that it’s socially acceptable for women to adopt so many aspects of the “male wardrobe”, but if a guy tries to adopt anything from the “female wardrobe”, it’s considered weird or creepy. It’s a huge double-standard that I enjoy pointing out, just for the complete hypocrisy behind our culture/s.

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@drasticdreamer: May I just say, you rock! Lurve for you!

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Yeah, that doesn’t turn me on at all. I won’t hold it against you if that’s what you’re into, but I’m into men who wear men’s underwear (and clothes, and shoes…).

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Enzo- your answer made me blow soda out my nose. Thanks a lot, buddy.

Personally, I find “tighty whitey” briefs both weird and creepy. But they work for some people. Boxers here.

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Drastic Dreamer: Not trying to have a double standard, but I think it’s a bit different that women’s “boy short” underware are modeled after little boy shorts… men wearing women’s underware are simply wearing women’s underware. If a guy really likes it, it would be different to create men’s underware modeled after women’s – whether it be through the fabrics or the designs. Anyway, the question was about whether or not men wearing women’s underware was a turn on or turn off. Answering that is not a double standard, it’s just a personal preferrence. I would not be attracted to my man wearing women’s underware, but I’m also not going to have a problem with another female just because she is attracted by that.

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@dim: How do you explain women wearing boxers, then? Those are not tailored for women, they adopted the entire look from male underwear.

I, too, answered the question. On top of it, I replied specifically to the people that said it was weird or creepy.

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Creepy. Not at all attractive…to me. For what reason would a male wear a female’s skivvies?A woman wears boxers for comfort and more coverage, normally over her drawers, but as just a thing to do, I’m not so sure. I say go with your granny-pantied self if that’s what works for you, but totally not attractive to me.

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I do not personally wear men’s boxers, nor do I have any female friends who do.. but I think in general, most women who do wear them do so more like shorts – with their own underware underneath.

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Which, dim, is even weirder. So you’re telling me females wearing boxers as shorts when they are meant to be underwear – and underwear for men – is less weird than men wearing female underwear? Don’t think so. I think we’ll just have to agree to disagree, because nothing will change my mind about it being extremely hypocritical.

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yeah but when women wear boxers, aren’t they boxers made specifically for woman, without the fly? so it’s modeled after men’s underwear, but it’s not actually men’s underwear. if women wore actual men’s tighty whities, they’d look ridiculous. i think if men wear actual women’s underwear, like let’s say bikini underwear, they’d look ridiculous.

to answer the question, specifically, i think it’s gross for a man to wear women’s underwear, actual underwear. i would think it’s gross for a woman to wear men’s tighty whities, too. that’s just my opinion, i understand we’re all talking about our opinions.

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I’m proud to be in the minority here. Drag is HOT, whether it’s men in women’s clothing or women in men’s clothing.

@KatawaGrey—I got my ex-fiance into fishnets for me. I don’t think he was ever going to go for the heels (and who can blame him, really, because heels are damn uncomfortable) but if we’d stayed together, I would’ve gotten him into almost-full Frank regalia eventually.

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@MacBean: Teach me, master. My boyfriend flat out refuses. I think it’s one of those things that he might do when we’ve gone out for a longer time. Still, any pointers will help. :)

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If I saw a boyfriend of mine walking around in one of my thongs I would totally be weirded out so it’s a turn off for me.

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I have been wearing womens panties daily for one year. At first I wore the plain ones. Now I go for lace, ruffles, bows and tie sides in feminine colors such as pink, lilac, light yellow. At last count I have 63 pairs. My motto now is the sexier the better. I get very erotic feelings while wearing them. I am very happy and self confident. It is if I am living a dream or a fantasy everyday.
I say if wearing womens panties makes you happy do it.

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It depends. Hairy men in thongs….not so hot. Hairless or minimal hair, in shape, a guy can look good

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It seems I remember this question once before and the consensus was: GROSS!!!!!!!

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It’s just clothes! Women wearing pants was considered unthinkable way back when and in Scotland men wore kilts (lets face it, its a skirt) Ive seen more women wear whatever the hell they want so I believe men can do the same. Its all in your head, “boyshorts” . come on! I have exercise underwear that are cut the same way with a different label. “Womens boxers” please! they’re shorts! If a woman is wearing a mens shirt and boxers to sleep in…that’s crossdressing and its ok but if a man has on boyshorts its gross? I think people that have a problem with what other people wear need to go back to the 50’s and stay their.

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i like the fell of girls panties

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Katawaygrey, I need to meet you or a woman like you. I use to date a girl who liked me to dress up in her clothes and I liked it too. Macbean same thing, I need to meet you or a woman like you. I would wear the fishnets and the heals also. I would let either one of you dress me in any kind of womens clothing you would want me to wear. Both of you are my type of girls and I only hope to be fortuneate enough to meet a girl who is like you two someday.

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what about boyshorts? Are they diff? I mean, they are our shorts and all. haha I’m tryin to justify cause I love em on me!

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As a youngster I attended a boarding school in Scotland where the regulation uniform was a kilt, for modesty reasons we were required to wear underwear and these were basically girls dark green flannel knickers with elastic at the top of the leg, we did have tartan shorts for wearing on formal occasions, Church on Sunday etc., but for the rest of the time we all wore the girls style knickers, they were very comfortable and I developed a liking for them which persists to this day.
I have flirted with cross dressing and find it enjoyable but would never try to pass as a woman.
My attitude is “live and let live” if a guy feels comfortable wearing women’s clothes and he offends no one what harm is he doing ? I have on occasion patronised various dressing a gencies and have been made up and dressed as a woman, it felt good and hurt no body.

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i saw lady wearing gents underwear so why not can gent wear lady underwear.

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DrasticDreamer: You get it! Most of the men on earth wear skirts. Only in the US do we make it a BIG DEAL. Most amusing . . . if you check out the Google ads that appear when you search for “Men who wear women’s panties” here in fluther you get four ads. One of them shows women in mens underwear, cock slit and all. Well, what are we to say? Bunch of really weird women roaming around out there. They wear men’s underwear. Yikes! Ick! Pervvy! WORLD GET A CLUE. It’s about how you feel and what you want to feel. Leave others out of your brain, you can never make sense of prejudice and double standards. They’re the product of small minds who are SCARED TO EXPERIENCE LIFE. Thanks Dreamer! (yup, I’m a guy and I wear whatever the heck I feel like wearing. Whether my girlfriends like it or not. It’s me.)

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When i read all the negative feedback about this particular subject, i was notably surprised. My girlfriend of three years and i have been experimenting with this for as long as i can remember. When the moment is right, i must say, it gets us both incredibly aroused. I like it when she wears my boxers as well. Sometimes she gets really daring and frisky and wants to sneak off in public, but not unless i am wearing her underwear. i say there is nothing wrong with experimenting with mild fetishes. i am not into full drag, just underware, but if people are down with the more hardcore fetishes then live and let live; more power to them.

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I’ve loved the feel of silky-soft ladies lingerie, since I was a teen and I still do. I wear ladies nylon panties 24/7 because they’re much more comfortable to wear than the ‘dull’ male briefs
made of ‘not-soft’ cotton. The men’s underwear section in a store, takes up ‘all-of’ one or two display racks, whereas women’s underwear is about 20% of a store. And there’s SO MUCH and
made with such soft materials. I’m 62 yrs old and I want to enjoy wearing those things, NOW.

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I joined just to answer this question. I’m a 26 yr old straight male with a two yr old son. I wear girl clothes from shirts, pants, leggings, bra and panties.. No heels or make up with a beard. in public. I use to be EMO back in high school. ( which is a metal sub group where guys wear girl pants and eye liner. I stopped when I graduated. I then . Met my lady and we had our son a year later. then at the start of 2016 I expressed I wanted to wear girl clothes my way not EMO status. At first she was supportive but after a month she become jealous of how things fit on me and not her. I’m a size 7 and she a 13. which eventually caused us to separate. she said ” how do you think I feel when my mans in a dress?”: she use to draw attention to us in public and downgrade me as a cross dresser in front of our son in the store. I never once raised my voice or cursed at her. She threw things at the wall, cursed in my face and be littled me often. As I read this post Many of the comments made me feel ill, hurt and alone. Everyone is entitled to their opinion. but comments such a weird, gross and eww! add to the already dangerous place the world is for gay men ( and staright men who appear gay) I can admit I look gay. But I am not. I was punched while holding my son on a crowded street mall and no one helped us. By a woman who said she could hit me since I was dressed like a F**. When I stopped and looked at her. The man she was with punched me again and told me keep walking. Feminine males are the most targeted in the world. But everyone loves Lesbians….

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