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What is the best way to move cross country with a cat?

Asked by annibruno (7points) November 15th, 2006
From NYC to San Francisco - Can they go on airplanes? How long can they stand to be without a litter box and food?
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Yes, they can go on airplanes
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But you have to put them in a specific container (your existing cat-carrier might be too big)
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Also, you have to have your medical papers current
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And you have to pay an extra fee
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6 hours will be fine w/o litterbox/food.
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Your vet can give you some "cat xanax" It makes the long trip much better for the animal.
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concern would be that jfk-sfo is more like 10 hours, and that the cat's bladder might not hold out. any suggestions to reduce the risk of that?
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leave the cat. then you will move more happily.
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damn. did i say that out loud?
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I've done it several times with two cats. Definitely check with the airline to check their regulations. You have to pay an extra fee, but I would recommend bringing your cat on as carry-on. Good luck. It's stressful, but possible.
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give your cat away and get a dog when you get to the other side.
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i sat next to a woman on the plane that had a cat under her seat. it was totally fine. if you're flying direct, the trip is 6 hrs.
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