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Anyone care to comment on the current state of the Canadian Parliament Crisis?

Asked by acebamboo77 (720points) December 4th, 2008
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For people who don’t know what this is, the Yarn Harlot posted an introduction to the issue on her blog.


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Thanks Laureth

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Is Dion still in charge of the Liberals? If so, it’s completely pointless AGAIN

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you bet dion is still in charge

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I’m down with the coalition. Everyone’s making a big fuss about the Bloc being a part of it, which is not true. The fact that the separatists are supporting the coalition is just another indication that no one in the house trusts Harper. If they don’t, why should I?

What’s cool is that this is pretty much the most power that Michelle Jean will ever have. Her decision to prorogue Parliament seems wise. Those guys need to cool their jets a bit. I want them to keep working towards a solution to our economic problems, however.

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Wait, Canada has politics, too? j/k.
I hope it doesn’t get as nasty as ours (USA) does!

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Nah, everyone’s super polite.
Almost TOO polite.

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Hey, a Canadian topic! Hooray!

Here’s my main beef with this issue. Harper and the Conservatives are saying two main things: one, a coalition government is “undemocratic”, and two, conspiring with the Bloc is evil and should never be done. But he himself has done both things in the past when the Conservatives were a minority! He wrote a letter to the GG essentially saying the same thing as Dion is now about giving the opposition a chance to speak about the matter. And he has dealt with the Bloc in times before, not to mention they are just as legit in Parliament as any other MP according to our current first past the post voting system (which I don’t agree with, and I don’t believe the Bloc should be as prevalent in Parliament as they are).

Once again Harper is putting forth a bold faced lie, and hoping that his media team can convince Canadians of his viewpoint. I hate hate HATE it when people do this. I mean, why should you be allowed to lead Canada if you’re willing to lie your way to the top?!

Meanwhile, the Liberals and the Coalition are doing… what exactly? I haven’t heard any new things from their side, no radio ads, nothing. I did watch them talk on TV on Wednesday night, and even then they’re not using their time to fight against Harper. Now is the time, and they’re playing softball.

I was watching the talks though CPAC who stream their video online, and during the commentary afterwards a professor from a university I can’t remember said this very important point: “The other parties are always two steps behind the Conservatives and Harper. They are not thinking of what Harper’s game plan is this time around, and he always has a game plan.” And this is true. The Conservatives are way more scheming and determined than I feel any of the other parties are. Sadly no other group is willing to call them out on their remarks.

The only reason I was glad for prorogation is because I don’t want to see my tax money going to support the collapsing auto companies, and this at least delays it a good almost two months. But that’s another Fluther question to delve into :)

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