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Hide IP address, Free software?

Asked by windex (2926points) December 4th, 2008

Does anyone know a Free “Hide IP” software that I can download? Speed is not an issue (if it’s slow it’s ok)
Also, I will NOT be doing ANYTHING illegal. Just don’t want to make sure someone I am emailing does NOT find out where I am. (bs Drama, someone from my past I cut off)

Would appreciate ANY help you can give me.
Got a few “trial” ones which were OK

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Do it via a proxy. It’s really simple.

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didn’t know you could just do it through a browser

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Torpark would work. Hotspot Shield too.

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If you’ve cut this someone off, and you aren’t interested in BS or drama, why are you emailing him or her in the first place?

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cwilbur makes a good point, for the record. Proxies work well. :)

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@aanuszek1: PG2 is not an option for this user. It doesn’t hide your IP, it just blocks other’s IPs. And if you’re using it to prevent yourself from getting a cease and desist from your ISP, PG2 is utter BS. Nothing can hide you from the authorities, and sometimes all the IP address blocking vastly slows your speeds down too.

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