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Is there any method other than check payment to pay off my credit card bills?

Asked by nick2008 (15points) December 5th, 2008
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Yes, most credit cards allow you to link a checking or savings account of your choice. Then you simply transfer the amount you’d like between the two.

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I don’t know which card you’ve got, but mine have online interfaces where I pay with a bank account like Spargett explained.

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Once I started adding up how much I was paying for postage each year….I started paying bills w/ credit cards and paying credit card bills online w/ links to my checking account.

It is so easy. Saves time, money, hassle and effort. It also allows less human eyeballs to have contact w/ your financial info as noone needs to open the mail and process your checking account number into their system manually.

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online paymnents are amazing.

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I write less than 10 checks a year! Rent, car payment, credit cards, cell phone, and car insurance are all online – and most are automatic, so I don’t miss due dates. My paycheck and tax refunds are all direct deposit.


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Some credit cards will also let you shift the balance to another credit card, and while this seems counterproductive, I know someone who kept doing this back and forth for a while while he was broke.

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I had to “borrow from Peter to pay Paul” with balance transfers back when I was in grad school with a newborn. Those were some tough times!!

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