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What do you think of jail term O.J. got?

Asked by chyna (45304points) December 5th, 2008

He will be eligible for parole in 9 years. Or is everyone just sick of hearing about him?

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He got what he deserved. Maybe this will cool his heels for several years. Too bad he didn’t have Jackie Glass as his judge when he had his murder trial back in ‘96. Ito was a joke!

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Let’s see….he got away with murder the first time so that says a lot. I think he’s headed right where he needs to go and probably for not long enough either. How about no eligibility for parole for him? That sounds fair to me. And yes, I am sick of hearing about him. Let him fade into obscurity for the next couple of decades so we can all have a well deserved break from his incredible stupidity and dime store publicity.

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Deserved to be sentenced to jail the first time, if the justice system worked we wouldn’t have to wait till he wrote a book and harmed more people in order to pin him in prison.

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@fletcher: Back in 94 he had the money to hire JohnnyNoFitMustAquit, he ain’t got no money now. This time they also had mounds of evidence against him.

As a fellow human being I feel sorry for him. I think there is something mentally wrong with him. He honestly believe he did no wrong. I don’t think he was acting today in the courtroom. If he had all his wits about him, he’d have apologized profusely to the judge. Instead he spoke like he was still on trial defending himself.

He’s done wrong no doubt in my mind and in the minds of a jury. He did get a just punishment this time, I agree with the sentence handed down.

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What? Something happened?

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@kitchen Yes, OJ got sentenced today. Basically, the worst of it was two 15 year sentences to run concurent so that makes him eligible for parole in 9 years at which time he will be 70 years old.

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Haha. For what? There’s no double jeopardy…

Man, I am really out of the loop.

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He robbed some guy last year that had his memorabilia.

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@tekn0lust – I don’t know, he’s done some really out there things and then turned on the “remorse” when necessary. He couldn’t show remorse for Nicole or Ron, because that might imply that he did it – which I firmly believe he did. However, I’m not even sure he feels remorse for that crime. I don’t buy it, but then again, I can be pretty skeptical.

It’s 9yrs when he’s eligible, right? Nope…not long enough. This man laughs in the face of rules and laws – he just got caught, this time.

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@cak. Exactly. Lack of any remorse is a defect. He’s mentally broken. It could be the effects of dealing with taking two lives. Can you imagine the things your mind would have to do to cope with that? Can you imagine the images he must have to deal with when he closes his eyes?

I just get a really odd feeling from him. I’ve never met him but I have seen him twice in real life in the past ten years. He is one odd bird.

I’m not defending him, I’m just putting out that he’s not a normal everyday person.
He’s 61, I doubt he’ll ever walk free again. At least I hope not.

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@tek – I see your point – but I guess I just wonder how much acting there was in all of this. Yes, lack of emotions – remorse, mainly is a defect. I guess I don’t think he feels remorse for the murders -make he is off-balance – we’ll never know.

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If he has no remorse then I doubt he has any images to deal with when he closes his eyes.

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