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How do you feel about glass dildos?

Asked by delirium (13698points) December 5th, 2008

No. Seriously. I’m wondering.
I’m thinking of buying one from but am not entirely sold. It’s a pretty large investment.
Anyone who has experience with these things have suggestions?

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This is second hand, mind you, but I’ve heard that the smoothness and ability to conduct heat/cold are out of this world. Worth the expense? I don’t know…

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Price-wise we’re talking upward from 80.

@loser: Smoothness as in…. I shouldn’t get something textured?

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How large an investment is it? An investment implies that you hope to get a return from it. What if it breaks while you are—using it?

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…........uh, Steve? If you actually knew anything about them, you’d know that they don’t break. Also, I did use investment intentionally.

And yes, I am slightly hostile towards the OMG SEX TOY reaction. I think we, as a culture, should be more mature about these things.

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How large?

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If you’re considering that to be a clever twist of my phrasing… pulling off that kind of thing requires finesse.

Wit… ur doin it wrong

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I will chime in with first-hand experience.. I think they are totally worth it! It was a smooth one with a large head for g-spot stimulation.. It felt beyond amazing. I was really skeptical/ambivalent about them before, but once I tried it, I was totally sold. I plan to buy one when I can afford it. :)

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I don’t care for them. I prefer melamine.

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The….... shelving?

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I guess that’s just a matter of personal preference, texture or shelving.

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Whew! It’s so hot in here! I gotta take off something.

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I don’t want to know what astro does with his shelving. It’ll tell me more about mailmen than I ever wanted to know.

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Totally worth it. has some cheaper ones, if you want to give the material a test drive before getting something more expensive. Though, honestly, I’d say just go for it. I’d wager vital internal organs that you’ll end up loving it.

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Oh my god, MacBean, I totally love that site.

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Worth every penny – make the investment.

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Okay. You’ve convinced me.

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From a mechanical perspective (sorry) are they durable? Memories of cutting myself on broken tumblers in the dishwater are making me…shiver

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You could always get a plexiglass dildo then.
But I would avoid the fiberglass dildos at all costs.

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@Knotmyday – Yeah, they are. Think of the glass in baking/casserole dishes, it’s like that, but obviously, thicker. :)

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I love pyrex.

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I think that they’re SMASHING

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In this holiest of seasons, remember to use only stained glass dildos while pleasuring yourself in church.

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Do you mean glass or pyrex?

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@delirium, if I might ask, did you go for it? Did it work out? I’m thinking of getting one, but am not sure either—mostly because I haven’t had one before, and am not sure if glass is the place to start (kind of throwing this last out to the collective as a whole and hoping none of my family members stumble in)...

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I have heard they are great. And you can soak them in hot water to make them warm

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Fact from fiction, truth from diction. From what I know if you want something smooth and slick you can’t beat glass. Most are constructed in such a way that they can’t break or shadder in you so no worries there. And the ability for temperature chamge is very great, they are also more sanitary (so I have heard) then other material.

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I just found this because I was going to ask the same question… and I’ll just chime in because there are some for around $20 here:

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On the one hand, glass is easy to clean and sanitize. But on the other hand, it’s dangerous because it could crack or chip or break inside you.

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^^ If made of a durable glass like Pyrex, there should be no chance it will break or chip when inside someone. Unless their orifice is filled with rocks or something, then all bets are off.

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