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What cleans Oxy-Clean?

Asked by andrew (16358points) November 15th, 2006
I was trying to clean my grout, so I made a paste of oxy-clean and started scrubbing a bit with a toothbrush. The ol' interweb advised that I leave the paste on the grout; I did, it hardened, and now I have a bunch of chaulky Oxy-Clean residue bestrewn upon my still-dirty grout. Every time I try to clean it, it just smears around, looks like it's clean, and then once it dries I see I've just spread the residue around even more. Help!
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More rinsing is needed. Lots of clean water. Might even help if you use the toothbrush with clean water.
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i did the same thing in my bathroom when i lived in minden. the tile was like walking on sandpaper for the longest time. i think you just have to continue to dilute the mixture with continual moppings.
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Hot water and lots of towels.
Did the oxyclean work on your tile?

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This is a difficult area to soak but if you can soak a towel in hot water and then lay it on the grout for a long time it should help dissolve the solution. You may have to repeat this many times before getting it all off.

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