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Apple vs. NBC: Whose side are you on?

Asked by glial (3001points) August 31st, 2007

Should Apple have caved in an upped the charge for NBC television programs to $4.99. Is that price fair, or crazy?

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I think it is more of a case of trying to puff up one’s chest and try to show Apple “who is boss”. I vote Apple. Big nrtwork has ALWAYS had a notorious rep as being assholes.

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I am on apple’s bandwagon on this. I like how apple is consistent about providing cheap content on iTunes.

this is definitely a huge blow to apple (right after the universal deal) . But honestly i think, nbc will incur more losses as a result .The problem with nbc and all other longtime major media companies is that they have yet to understand the potential of the internet – they are taking shows off itunes which means that the people who bought the season pass are going to get the shows for free on their tivos or torrents. Theirs this really interesting article about this

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when you take into account the lack of creativity we have had to deal with in programming the last ten or so years from network television, I applaud apple! If it wasn’t for independent networks pushing the envelope like fx and comedy central etc. I dont think the big 4 would have any creative base from which to steal. 4.99 for a 38 Min episode of bad programming is laughable.

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I agree. It sounds like NBC got greedy.

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the worst part? Apple SINGLEHANDEDLY made The Office a “phenomenon”. NBC should be kissing Apple’s feet.

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heres a slight twist to the story:
apparently nbc never asked to raise the prices at all

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Something to think about. NBC claims that one of the reasons behind its move is that iPods contain a large amount of pirated material and wants Apple to make piracy impossible on the iTunes Stores file formats. Besides being a flat out guess about the amount of pirated material on the typical iPod, find it ironic for the following reasons:

1.) Can one is easily share content purchased from the iTunes store? If so, what is the percentage that does?
2.) NBCs programing will become pirated material on the iPod if there is no convenient place to buy it.

It boils down to ignorance and greed. Three years ago, an “already-aired” TV program was either, garbage or if it was good, up on the syndication market months if not years after the airing. iTunes basically sells recycled products, the networks profit…but alas…not enough profit for NBC apparently.

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Great Point Glial

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