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Do girls with big boobs wear crucifix necklaces to make men feel guilty for looking down their tops?

Asked by PupnTaco (13865points) December 6th, 2008 from iPhone

Is this some kind of guerilla evangelism campaign?

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No they just do it to to attract attention to the big boobs.

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I used to wear a crucifix, and it never even occurred to me to relate it in any way to my nice and big boobs!

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This is a weird question

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If we don’t want you admiring our breasts, we don’t wear things that draw attention to them.

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We may need to see some examples to give a really accurate answer! ;)

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No one can make you feel guilty (or inferior) without your consent. (With apologies to Eleanor Roosevelt.)

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Hahhaha, this question made me laugh out loud. I’m only a B cup, but I’m tempted to wear a push-up bra with a low-cut top to try out this theory. Wouldn’t men just look at large or prominent breasts anyway and not really notice any jewelry (religious or not)?

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Eleanor Roosevelt had some cans.

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“Eleanor Roosevelt had some cans.”

That might be the best answer I ever heard.

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If you’re atheist or of a different religion, would you still feel guilty? I feel guilty looking at someone’s boobs and I’m not even Christian. If there was a Magen David (Star of David), maybe I’ll feel worse, but I haven’t run into that situation yet.


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I don’t think so, because if you are deeply religious, I don’t really think that it matters about whether your breasts are large or not, I’m guessing many people just wear them because they are religious, and it has no relation to that.

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I’d like to think it changes the experience into a religious experience.

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Zach – magen david, haha

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A low cut, tight fitting shirt draws attention to the boobs, not the jewelry. If you’re looking down the shirt of someone who’s not advertising the goods, you better feel guilty, crucifix or not!

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I’m curious as to whether there was a specific situation that triggered this question in your mind?!

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As my husband has pointed out to me, we just don’t get that at any moment the male mind will turn to sex on a dime. When we put the crucifix on with the V neck shirt we were not thinking, “how will this drive some guy crazy.”

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I’ve got boobs and I’m jewish, but I do wear a crucifix for guilt purposes.

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It always reminds me of how much I need to be saved.

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lol @ saran. xD

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that’s a really clever theory

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I think everyone wears a cross for different reasons. I believe that it depends on the person regarding their intensions. What a woman is wearing is a better indicator of whether or not she wants or cares about you looking at her breasts.

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I wear a cross as a reminder of my beliefs. And one of my belief is that people shouldn’t be staring at my boobs anyway. I don’t go around staring at guys packages and I would like the same courtesy in return. Plus I think most guys could care less unless the woman happened to have a nuns habit on along with the cross and it wasn’t a costume.

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