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How do I zoom in/out on a vector graphic image using HTML?

Asked by JohnRobert (490points) December 6th, 2008

I’m using Dreamweaver to create a web page. The page will have a flowchart that is too big to fit onto the monitor all at once. I could leave it full size, and require the use of scroll bars, but it is hard to visualize the entire flow using that method. I would like to know if I can draw the flowchart in Adobe Illustrator and save as a vector graphic, and then have a web page with zoom in/out capability. I did find that I could create a Visio flowchart and SaveAs Webpage. It allows me to zoom in and out, but I don’t know how to duplicate that effect using Dreamweaver.

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You could export it as a flash file and make the size 100% or you could save it as bitmap in high resolution, and then let the browser resize it to 100%

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Do it in visio and then dissect it. You can set the width of a graphic using css.. my guess is they change the css for the graphic when you zoom in.

Another thing you could look into on google is Scalable vector graphics (SVG)

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Thanks wilhel & Perchik. I’ll experiment with those ideas and see what happens.

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You should be able to export it as an SVG image (which at least Firefox can display if it’s not too complicated, I believe) and then just set the height and width. For IE (<7 or <8?) you’ll probably need to create an alternate bitmap version with fixed dimensions.

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From what I saw about SVGs… you can get IE plugins that can handle them, but there doesn’t appear to be any native support.

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