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Why do i persist in thinking that eating will make indigestion feel better?

Asked by nebule (16449points) December 7th, 2008

I constantly feel queezy at the moment (no i’m not pregnant) and went to the doctor about it…she put me on lansoprazole for a month and that did help…but the problem has come back – which she says is basically an irritated stomach and excess acid… So i need to go back but instead of not eating anything i feel like eating things will make it feel better…why do I do this? does anyone else do this?? I also have IBS so I’m really making my life miserable….why why why…..

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Umm, eating does often make things feel better…but only for the short term. When I had an ulcer years ago eating always staved off the pain. The secret, of course, is to wean yourself off of the the things that might be causing the pain. Coffee. Acidic juices. Smoking. Spicy food. Change your diet and trust me you will reap the reward.

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thank you – at least I’m not just totally bonkers!!

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My doctor said drinking carbonated soft drinks help an upset stomach, but this with excess acids, I don’t think it’s a good idea :-\

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This is weird but I feel like humans have a compulsion of physically affecting the ill part of their body. If I have a headache, I rub my head. Back pain, I twist my back. Eating is sort of like massaging your stomach?

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yes it help to eat the right food when feeling like this. stay away from fatty food , acidy foods and drinks and please remember to take your meds. I too have a bad stomache and a bad colon. and I can’t eat like a normal person. the thing that helps me is the ensure drinks. that is the best coating that I have found to help with this. It cuts through the acid and helps out big time. if you have insurance and can get it preapproved it is worth getting the ensure drinks. and the times that you can’t eat it will give you all the nutriants that you need. and helps make you feel better too. i live off of the ensure drinks 4 times a week. as i can’t eat anymore then 2–3 times a week and that is what has helped me out big time. best wises to you.

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I felt this way for a long time. I wonder if it is a food alergy. I needed to loose weight and went on a medically supervised very limited diet and after a week I felt amazing. Now that I am trying to maintain my weight I find that the more wheat products and processed foods I eat the more I feel like that. I try to eat things as close to the way they come out of nature now. No processed flour, no McDonalds. It seems to help.

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Because you are a slow learner? Seriously, i do hope you feel better real soon. All the advice above should help. Often, it’s a matter of trial and error since every body is different.

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I know what you mean, I thought that if I ate something my heartburn would go away… It never did. I do find that a big glass of milk helps. I drank atleast 8 glasses of milk while I was pregnant, and had tums on me at all times. Those worked, the food didn’t.

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Heh, I totally did that last week when I hadn’t had anything all day but a coffee and was just feelin’ really bad digestion-wise. Than I had a big frozen pizza and deli olives. <Shrugs>.

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I agree with mrdh (for once in my life)
I drink sprite of ginger ale. Maybe it is psychological that it makes me feel better but when you burp you are like “hellz yea!”.

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