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Besides Amazon and Ebay?

Asked by Comedian (1123points) December 7th, 2008

Besides Amazon and Ebay, and there any other good sites that I can buy stuff. Like reliable sites?

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What kind of stuff?

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like t-shirts and posters

PupnTaco's avatar for non-printed T-shirts
Threadless or etsy for printed tees

Posters? No idea.

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I want a t-shirt with print on it like of famous people

seVen's avatar is kinda similar but not really

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nope doesn’t have it

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A tshirt with a print of famous people?

Did you check

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I like for t shirts.

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@Judi: PERFECT!!!!!! I lurve you in a professional way!

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You just cost me $128.00 for thinking about it! I went and bought T shirts for Christmas!

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lol want to buy me one? jk….sort of…

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Try this: shirtwoot which is a part of Have you wooted today?

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My husband buys from They have good prices on electronics.
Sometimes has great prices but sometimes I still find better clothing seals at local stores.
You should always compare prices on and off line.
Remember that amazon charges for shipping on some items. I think usually does not charge shipping.

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