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What's healthier pork or steak?

Asked by kyra04 (4points) December 7th, 2008
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Most cuts of pork are leaner than beef if that’s what you mean.

“Steak” refers to a cut, not the meat. You can have pork steaks, too.

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All depends on the fat content, as i understand it. Leaner pork better than fatter steak. How do you measure fat content? Dunno. Have some idea that it could be done by specific gravity, floating in water. But that’s a terrible idea.

Cook lean porkchops, trim the fat. Or, cook lean-ish steak, trim the fat.

This is practically no answer at all, but the question is pretty general, too.

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Like everyone else said – it depends on the cut. Leaner beef is better than fatty pork. Leaner pork is better than fatty beef.

Grass-fed, pastured beef or pork that is raised more naturally (allowed to root and eat what pigs eat) is better than feedlot, factory-farmed pork or beef.

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It’s not all fat content.
In my opinion it comes down to safety too. Under cooked steak is fine, and even better digestively. On the other hand under cooked pork could cause you problems, one being: brain worms !

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pork is. steak does not digest.that is what my gastro. dr. said.

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Rossi, I’m not a doctor, but I’ve never recognized beef coming out the other end. ;) It must digest somehow…

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but i still like red meat…a bit

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Steak is healthier in my opinion because it is less acidic than beef, and the more acidic foods you get in, the worse it is for your health, as many diseases thrive in acidic bodies.

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Um. Steak = beef.

Unless you’re talking about “steak” as in a particular cut of meat, such as a fish steak.

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@laureth – AAAHHHHH!!! I meant steak is healthier than PORK! oops

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Ah, okay. :)

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