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Is laughter contagious?

Asked by scamp (13104points) December 7th, 2008

I love watching the funny videos on youtube and other places on the internet, and today I found a laughter chain being done by the folks at skype. If you go to the site, you can see the complete chain, and if you have a webcam, you can add yourself to the project. Within this chain is a man I’ve seen on youtube. His clip is titled Dad at the comedy barn.

There are a number of spin-offs from this clip, and this one is a girl laughing while watching him. I started to wonder how contagious laughter is, so I followed a long string of the spin-offs that left me breathless from laughter.

So my question is, what makes you laugh? Are you able to restrain your laughter when the person next to you is in hysterics? Please use this thread to share funny videos or jokes, etc. Let’s all have some giggles today.

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Lol. I believe laughter is contagious. I laugh at everything & smile a lot in general, and I usually do this because I like to see others laugh and smile too. :)

However, my friend did recently send me this youtube link that made me laugh a lot. :)

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Ha ha!! I wish I could teach my cat to do that!!

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Yes. It is. And we all need it.

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:) yes. the cat video is in fact hilarious.

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Some of it most certainly is. Once in a while I’ll hear a laugh that I can’t help laughing along with. I love it!!

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I believe that laughter is very contagious. Even when I see two people I don’t know laughing if I watch them for a bit I start to laugh too. I could have no idea what is so funny, but I laugh because they are. Now I don’t burst out with a huge cannon laugh (that would make me seem crazy), but I chuckle.
And I agree with cdwccrn – we all need to laugh and we should do it more often.

BTW, the two big guys laughing and the kid in his room right after them made me laugh the most.

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@Allie That’s just what I was geting at! Isn’t it odd how seeing others makes us laugh even when we don’t know why? Sometimes I watch funny vidoes on youtube when I am in a funky moood, just to feel better. It works most of the time.

The second video I posted is pretty long, and it takes some time to get you going, but even after watching it several times, it still gets to me!!

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@allie: “huge cannon laugh” lol, or, more specifically, hcl

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It is definitely contagious. Even when I’m angry, if my kids have a fit of the giggles, I can’t help but join in. Which just makes me madder, sometimes!

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Does anyone care to share anymore funnies?

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My brother has a huge, raspy contagious laugh, always made me crack up, even if he was in another room and I heard it.

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