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My 10 year-old needs help with a state report.

Asked by SuperMouse (30798points) December 7th, 2008

We are searching madly for a famous person, landmark, land form, or resource beginning with the letters Q, X or Y that come from either New Mexico, Arizona, Oklahoma, or Texas. Any ideas?

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New Mexico has a Quemado Lake.

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Thank you Laureth! I wish I could give you 12 great answers!

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Update, thanks to Laureth we have Q, and we just found the Yuma Crossing State Historical Park in Arizona. Now all we have left is X.

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I just found a Y. I’ll post anyway to see if it is more interesting than what you found.

Y’barbo’s Stone House Exhibit in TX

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Thank you Snoopy!

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This might be a stretch for the X

But the X Prize in New Mexico might do in a pinch!

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YES! Thank you Snoopy! Thank you!

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I wonder if the teacher knows about Fluther?

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@skfinkel Well, I am certain she knows about google…..Which is exactly how I came up w/ those references in just a few seconds…

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@skfinkel, she will after I share the story of where we got these things!

@snoopy, what did you type in to get the X-Prize? I was trying to google anything I could think of, but I did not hit on the right combination to get that!

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When is the project due?

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For Texas, if you go to this site
and search Q* or X* or Y* for each of the options, you will get a bunch of hits. I got 56 hits for Q* for just physical.

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These sites must be changing how teaching is done—the projects have to be really creative to get beyond the fact gathering and into some kind of original concoction about the facts.

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@skfinkel I think you bring up an interesting point. I assume you are implying that SM and her daughter are “cheating” using Google and Fluther? (If not, please correct me….)

We really don’t know the premise of the assignment. Perhaps its intent is to get the child to use the internet for research. Perhaps it is just to expand the world of the kids to get them to know more about different states. (I for one learned more about the X Prize reading my link….)

In any event, a modern teacher would certainly have to factor internet access into his/her assignment of projects. It isn’t really reasonable for a kid to know an “X landmark from a southwestern state” (or whatever the title of the assignment was….). Reasearch must have been the goal. I cannot remember the last time I saw an actual set of “book” encyclopedias.

Is your objection that the child was using the internet or that mom was helping? I am not really clear based on what you have said thus far…?

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