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Well, yeah, maybe a little bit.

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lol…interesting to say the least. great find!

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looks…well, you know. Odd.

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Looks funny, haha, but could be very useful. ;)

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I have a dirty, dirty mind.

But yeah, odd contraption, possibly handy?

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I just know that some mother has inflicted the use of this device on her children, and that she had no idea how badly they would be teased.

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You know what? Bananas come in all shapes and sizes. This is banana discrimination at its finest.

Poor funky shaped bananas.

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a friend of mine sent me this a few days ago! here is a video of the banana bunker in action and how it can used for almost any banana from the people at they also have some other pretty sweet things, like giant gummy bears on a stick. also check out the faqs.

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i think not.
this is a spark of ingenuity
just fantastic.
i’ll take 6!

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So funny!

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@Augustlan, that video looks like your worst nightmare!

When I first saw these I pictured someone in the grocery store breaking the bunch apart and sticking each banana in a separate compartment for the trip home.

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Umm, I am impressed. I think I want one. Send me two and I will send one to Delirium.

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Oh wow…

I opened this while studying in a library and suddenly got very self-conscious at who was looking at my screen.

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So it looks like a clear dildo, there I said it. You all know you were thinking that. But I have to admit it looks really handy. I hate it when a banana gets squashed in my backpack.

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I find it horribly disturbing.

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