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Is there an explosion in Tomb Raider?

Asked by trickface (2336points) December 8th, 2008

I’m doing a project on women in surreal and action, a comparison between them. Tomb Raider is involved. My memory is hazy. Is there an explosion? What other generic action conventions feature? Car chase etc?

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Fight against a deadly robot. (In her house.)
Romantic plot.
Gun fights in the house that utterly destroy it including some explosions, I believe.
Fights against previously inanimate objects.
Crazy tombs in the middle of nowhere with mystical artifacts and deadly traps.
Nifty gadgetry.
Chase scenes that involve things like jumping off buildings.

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are we talking about the movie’s or the games ?

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I went with the movie since it was one of the topics.

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oh…yeah, the thing i should have done too, my bad, oh well, i mean, there’s 2 movies and 9 games, so my association goes with the games

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EmpressPixie, thank you! Saved me some time there :D

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