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USC all the way! Anyone else excited about FOOTBALL season?

Asked by Hawaiiguy (316points) September 1st, 2007 from iPhone

huge upset with Michigan huh, I love this time of year:)

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yes but i only follow nfl – GO GIANTS

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I couldn’t be happier. The start of NCAA football is my favorite time of the year.

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I am pumped. I am a bigger NFL fan but follow collage too. Go Saints and LSU.

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watch colt brennan from UH for heisman this year. if they go undefeated and he puts up the same numbers as last year he might have a chance. too bad they couldnt get any decent opponents on their schedual this year. now i know why michigan was so scared to put UH on their schedual. and anyone who thinks he’s a system QB should show me a system that produced Brennan’s stats from 06’. Brennan’s 06 stats- 5549 yds 58 td’s 12 int. 72% completions.

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This is a very exciting time. I’m a Cal fan so I hope they do well this season.

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Brennan looks really good, great start last night 6td before he was pulled. He looks like he will be coachable in the NFL which is the key factor.

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