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Contribute to a list of ways to find joy?

Asked by wondersteph (291points) December 8th, 2008

My friend & I have this motto of tackling everyday life with a “find joy” in everything attitude. For Christmas, I’m wanting to compose a witty/cute list of ways to find joy so that I can paint it onto a canvas. Your input would be appreciated! :)

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I have a friend named Joy that moved away and I haven’t seen in years. I’d go find her!

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I always enjoy watching people who have never seen snow before. Their reaction is usually pretty amazing.

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walk on wet grass, in bare feet, at night

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Play with a baby.

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Help someone who is less fortunate than yourself.

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Watch a baby throw aside the toy & play with the box & wrapping paper.

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Ever see a person fall off a bike?.. my heart almost explodes with joy!

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Dance party!

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donate whatever is useful to charity. eg books to OXFAM

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Play with earthworms. Dig for them.

Sculpt a bonsai.

Decorate a gingerbread house.

Stand outside a bakery and breath in deeply.

Do something unexpected for someone.

Go fishing.

Drink a margarita.

Play cribbage.

Slow cook some ribs over a low fire.

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Take a walk on a crisp sunny day and feel the wind moving through your hair and the sun warming your cheeks. (Cheesy, I know, but true!)

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@sue: mmmmm, the smell of barbeque can be pure joy indeed.
Not to mention a piece of fresh, hot pecan pie.

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Next time your PC crashes, chuck it out the window (watch out for passers-by), observe the impact (record on video if possible for future enjoyment), sweep up the debris, then go buy a Mac.

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Play Uno with your children.
Let your children decorate the Christmas tree by themselves and don’t rearrange a single ornament, you will experience sheer joy every time you look at the tree.

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Thanks everyone!! :)

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Random acts of Kindness. Joy to both people involved.

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• bear hug your child
• listen to your wife sleep
• eat warm cocolate chip cookies
• drink milk from a glass bottle
• smell a baby’s head
• take a nap under a tree
• sleep with the windows open

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Deliberately stop and watch the sunset.

Get your kids up in the middle of the night and watch the Perseid meteor shower with them.

Take your kids to a Fourth of July fireworks show in a local park.

Let your dog greet you when you come home.

Whenever you are waiting for the bus find something good to focus on – yellow sunlight on green leaves, kids running on a playground, autumn leaves blowing down the street, the smell of the first rain of the year, and more.

Bake bread.

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Catch the sunrise
Listen to children laugh

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Go alone into the country and quietly watch nature.

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I would love to make it possible for my SO to have the first real Christmas of his life (he’s 18). I want to cook him a gargantuan spread of traditional American “Christmas food”, build a gingerbread house with him, share with him the real meaning of Christmas, and most importantly, watch him truly be happy with the people that love and accept him simply for who he is.

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Most of these are really cringe-worthy IMO. NATURE! BABIES! CHARITY!

Ugh. That’s the exact opposite of joy for me. Well nature’s not too bad, but it’s just really boring.

Just set aside time to do what you like doing the most, and also buy yourself something nice you’ve wanted.

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@TKS – You, sir, are a cynic.

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Ocean breeze throughout your body when sailing into a awesome tropical sunset.
But ultimate joy though you’ll get when you’ll have a close relationship with your maker . For me He’s the one from the Bible.

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@TheKitchenSink: So what do you like doing most – that would bring you joy (besides buying stuff)?

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Dive off a boat into crystal clear water :) ride a great horse:)

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@Darwin: Okay, sure. I can roll with that.
@cprevite: I don’t actually like buying stuff. I like the goods, but I don’t like the act. I’m just saying indulging now and then is nice.

Anyway, I don’t really have a favorite activity that brings me joy. I guess I like playing video games? I dunno. None of the things mentioned here though, I can tell you that for sure.

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Close your eyes and tilt your face towards the sun, soak it up.
Tickle or pillow fight.
Laugh ‘til you snort.
Listen to wonderful music.
Curl up with a great book.
Hold your husband’s hand.
Watch your children when they feel joy.

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Sip cold lemonade on a hot summer day.
Be a kid again: run through the sprinkler, indulge in ice cream, play tag, watch cartoons.
Crack open a Jones’ Soda.
Have a Sex and the City marathon with your best girl friends over a bottle or two of wine.
Call an old friend, just to say hi.
Bake cookies with your grandmother.

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oh!!! I have one !!! Naked Snorkelling in the Mediterranean on a very hot day….that was AMAZING!!!

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Whoopee cushions.

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go to church and thank god

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I’ve gotten some great ideas & my list is looking good! :)

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waking up in a tent
skinny dipping
indulging in red wine AND chocolate at same time
watching african dwarf frogs swim
Open the window first thing upon waking, no matter the season, and take a deep breath

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A really good nap : )

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August, it is official – you are a genius! There is nothing (well almost nothing) better in this whole world than a really good nap!

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Sing because you can.

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