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how to clear "check engine light" on a vehicle?

Asked by pazetronics (1points) September 2nd, 2007 from iPhone

2001infiniti i30

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You might have to have it reset at the dealership.

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many different cars = many different ways. your owners manuel should tell you how mine tells me different ways for each of my vehicles.

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Check Engine is the most infuriating thing, EVER. Simply because it could mean any one of dozens of different things. It’s sort of a catch-all. Sadly, you’ll probably have to go to the dealership to figure it out, if it’s not some simple problem with, say, fluid levels.

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Mine usually just turns off by itself after a while. But one way the dealership taught me to turn it off is to unscrew the cap on the gas tank and then rescrew it, making sure that is really tight; when it’s loose, gases build up and confuse the check engine light.

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Honda has theirs scheduled to light up for maintenence checks – at least in the Honda, if you hold down the odometer button while starting the engine, it turns it off.

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if you are near an autozone they will pull the codes off the computer for free. I was in the same boat last week…turns out it was the dpfe sensor (whatever that is).

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If it were OBD I (1994 and earlier) you could pull the codes yourself, but being that it is OBD II you will have to go to the dealer or a NAPA, Auto Zone, Advanced Auto Parts, etc. to pull the code. Unless you go to the dealer, most parts stores won’t clear the code for liability reasons. They will only pull it and tell you what is wrong. Also, I don’t know imports very well but I don’t think the euro makers even use the OBD computer. Don’t know if Infinity would fall in that category or not… All this to say that you may be forced to use the dealership or a mechanic who has invested in the proper, more specialized equipment.

For a dirty fix, you could disconnect your battery, but you will lose all your radio presets and any others saved features like that. And all you are doing is clearing the code, what ever tripped it before is still there. So, the light will eventually come back.

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