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Lactose free dessert?

Asked by miasmom (3490points) December 8th, 2008 from iPhone

We are bringing dessert to a Christmas party in a week and we are signed up for dessert. One of the guests is lactose intolerant and we’d like her to be able to enjoy dessert. I don’t want to bring cookies…and I know there are websites with recipes, but I would like to do something that someone has already done and recommends. Any suggestions?

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Fruit, both cut and fresh.

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I know I can bring fruit, but could I bake it in anything?

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I am lactose-intolerant and I appreciate you taking this into consideration. You can use soy milk which has no lactose in it and is a little sweeter tasting. You can make that nice upside down pineapple cake with soy milk and it is something everyone can enjoy.

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for example, is there a good recipe for lactose free cobbler?

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I had some roasted pineapple with brown sugar and coconut on it once. Very delicious and sweet. Simple to make too!

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@mrjadkins. That sounds yummy…does it require eggs? The pineapple cake.

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The most awesome lactose-free “ice cream” substitute I’ve found is Tofutti. (It’s kosher, too, if that matters.) There are other ones that might be “healthier,” but Tofutti tastes the best to me.

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@laureth. Thanks, I will look into that, pineapple cake and icecream are sounding very good!

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Tofutti even makes an ice-cream sandwich that is pretty good too.

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Do you make pineapple upside down cake with butter? Because I don’t think she does butter.

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@mrjadkins, Yes, they’re called Tofutti Cuties. They’re not great, but not half bad either. I’d recommend them :)

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If your upside down cake recipe calls for butter, miasmom, just replace it with oil.

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And are eggs dairy? Is that a dumb question? I just want to be very careful and make sure everything is ok.

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No, eggs are not dairy. Eggs are eggs.

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Miasmom: That is not a dumb question at all—because of their place as an animal product but not meat, they get confused as dairy quite often. And it makes sense—most non-meat animal product foods are dairy. They just aren’t.

A few options: you can get lactose free milk (lactaid) and cook as usual. You can use soy milk. For butter, if you go to the local health food store or whole foods, there will be butter-eqsue things that are meant to replace dairy in baking. For baked goods you can replace butter with oil, like La_Chica said or with apple sauce (though the conversion is a bit different).

If you want to find some lactose free desserts, look up vegan recipes. While you can use eggs, you don’t have to so any vegan recipe is already made to your specifications.

I like making biscotti. The recipe I use is here:

I generally use her basic recipe and add the zest of one orange and a big handful of craisins. Yummy!

If you want something more desserty, I’d go with a crisp/crumble. Basically a cobbler but with an oatmeal topping. Use a butter replacement in the topping and you are good to go!

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here’s a great recipe for chocolate mousse – dairy free, so good for lactose and/or vegans. I’ve had it and it’s good – and I usually eat dairy!
And the best thing is that this is very easy to make, especially if you buy a pre-made pie crust.

Dairy-free Chocolate Mousse:

2 packages of silken tofu (the small, rectuangular non-refrigerated kind…it’s very important that you use silken tofu – other kinds of tofu will not work well)
1 pie crust
1 package chocolate chips (16 oz, I think it is)
some maple syrup (like a tablespoon or so)

toss tofu in blender. blend it.
melt chocolate chips. toss them, and maple syrup in blender
blend until smooth
pour into pie crust
refrigerate for a couple hours.

(make sure the chocolate chips don’t have milk in them…I don’t think it’s hard to find semi sweet chocolate chips that have no dairy but it’s work checking the ingredients to make sure).

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I love making rice pudding and substituting the milk and cream with coconut milk. Totally awesome that way.

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Sorbet with berries or poached pears. Not baked but elegant and good.

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Baked apples are another good lactose-free dessert. Here’s a good basic recipe – you can substitute one of the butter-esque things that EmpressPixie mentioned for the butter.

Lactose intolerant folks can eat the apples without the ice cream – or If you’re feeling really ambitious, you could also bring some Tofutti along with the regular ice cream, so guests can pick which one they want…

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oooh, baked apples! so yummy!

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mr. Jadkins, I just made a lactose free upside down pineapple cake and it was yummy…thank you for the suggestion!

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Is there lactose or dairy in the store bought mixes (as in Duncan Heinz ) of angel food cake mixes? Can I use this instead of building my own? I always am on a tight schedule…..

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