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Should i overdress or underdress?

Asked by judyprays (1309points) December 9th, 2008

I am directing a super casual shoot (of title sequences/drawings—> not me) at my apartment with one other person (camera assistant) in 25 minutes. I really want to feel casual, fun, silly, in my element and productive. Do you think that would mood would be better achieved by dressing really nicely or wearing a robe?

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I would use a santa or elf hat to achieve the silly, not the robe.

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If you are a professional, you will seldom go wrong with business casual.

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“Casual, fun, silly and in your element” shouts jeans and T-shirt to me. The robe could be misinterpreted as some other type of casual silly fun :)

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decided on my every day outfit. i look forward to the days where i can wear a robe to work, but don’t think i’m there yet. thanks guys.

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Darn! I so wanted to hear what would happen if you were in a robe.

PS. I had a meeting this morning at home, and I did the same thing. Wore my everyday work outfit.

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When in doubt, I would always prefer to err on the side of overdressing.

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I was going to vote for the robe too. Maybe I’m just wishing I could wear a robe to work today!

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/me is wearing a robe to work right now.

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so jealous…

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Sponge Bob pj’s?

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Well… yeah.

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Overdress but make it funky, then no one will be able to tell.

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