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How do I deal with a bad tailoring job?

Asked by emilyrose (2269points) December 9th, 2008

I have a regular tailor and recently brought several items to be fixed. The quality came out less than I’m used to, and I’m especially upset over two pairs of expensive jeans that were hemmed too short. Because of the way they were hemmed, they cannot be lengthened. Do I have any recourse here? When I went to pick up my stuff I didn’t have the boots I had tried on with the pants, but when I tried them at home they were indeed shorter than we had talked about and shorter than he had measured. Since it’s the holiday season I know he has hired extra workers, and I think this is why the quality is not what I have come to expect from him. There were also other things that just seemed off, like crooked seams, mis-matched thread, etc. I sew myself, but bring my important jobs to a tailor. I’m disappointed.

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Ouch! I await an answer, as this has happened to me recently.

In the meantime, check out this episode of Seinfeld

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Talk to the tailor about it. Now. Before the holiday rush has calmed down. There probably isn’t really anything he can do, but if his extras are turning out bad work, he wants to know. They’ll be gone in January, but he’ll have to live with any damage they do to his reputation. Let him know! He may also offer a partial or total refund for the alterations, which while it doesn’t replace the clothing, would hopefully keep you around as a customer.

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@emilyrose Ick! You just fed into my paranoia of why I don’t get things tailored….

Although I had to be custom fit for a country club server’s position at one time. Tailored pants. They did fit deliciously.

Worst case scenario is he will do nothing or give you a pittance against the cost of buying new pants. Hopefully it will work out well…

I would defintely say something….if for no other reason than to make sure he is aware of you disappointment :(

Let us know what happens.

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Yes I did say something when I picked up the clothes, I told him they were short but I didn’t have the boots with me to prove it. He said they would work with flats. AHEM—I didn’t buy my sexy boots and expensive jeans for nothing!!! : )

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@emilyrose. That doesn’t sound like an appopriate response. Time to find a new tailor.

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It did not go well : ( Which really sucks because I have always liked his work and I don’t want to have to find a new place…wah! He said he would reimburse me or do it for free next time. Luckily my friend just found a new good place that she likes. But it sounds like these things can always go either way….wah! Thanks for the advice. It was a horribly awkward conversation.

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