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What is the best source for free ringtones?

Asked by cdwccrn (3605points) December 10th, 2008 from iPhone

I’m too cheap to pay for them!

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I found a program on a few years ago called ringtone gizmo or something like that, but it was free and I could choose the part of the song I wanted to use ; )

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If they’re for an iPhone, there are plenty of YouTube videos on how to convert the songs you already have on iTunes into ringtones for free.

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If you have a mac, take a song into GarageBand, cut it to what you want then save as ringtone.

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If you don’t mind installing a program to do it, and you’re on Windows, you can use ToneThis. The only reason I trust it is because it was featured on lifehacker.

Also, you could try this, or one of a number of other web-based options.

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Lifehacker <3

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phonezoo, myxertones and mobile17.

The first two have lots of premade ringtones by other people, and you can also make your own. They’re great quality as well.

Moblie17 is my favorite, you can make your own and it’s the best quality.

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