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Best Fluther questions of 2008?

Asked by peedub (8677points) December 10th, 2008
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Hold on, I’m still writing #1.

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—Point of order—

If we want to make this work, I suggest that people reply with ONE, and only ONE nomination per quip. Feel free to nominate multiple questions… but only ONE per quip.

Then, to identify the Very Best of the Best, we all can click GA for the ones we like. Feel free to vote for more than one.

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I am a personal fan of Sparkle
I realize the guy probably doesn’t speak English, but the fact that so many people took a shot at understanding the question and putting in their two cents, it is just priceless.

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I can’ t believe I missed both Frizzer and Sparkle. Hilarious. Looking forward to seeing others I might have missed this year!

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Yeah, I hadn’t seen Sparkle…amazing.

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No one has mentioned the cake question yet?

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Frizzer, without a doubt in my mind.

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Uh.. How are those the best questions? sigh

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As far as absurd (funny) Qs, I am partial to this one.

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This one, wherein Andrew unwittingly asks a question that had been asked a couple of days earlier and then catches hell for it, is a personal favorite of mine.

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It’s rough, between Dracula’s AIDS and the Frizzer… I’m tempted to say Dracula’s AIDS because it’s hysterical how pissed off MDFNF gets when what she thought was a thought-provoking question is proven to be totally absurd and she can’t rid herself of the evidence. But the Frizzer is a classic!

Um… FRIZZER ftw!!

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This deserves a mention.

But Frizzer is way up there in the ranks!

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Another vote for Frizzer – or this one which I still find mind-boggling!

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@wildflower I forgot all about that one. It was pretty funny!!

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Frizzle’s a little too scary for me. I vote Sparkle; it’s so lovely.

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I actually have four that I really, really enjoyed:

Number 1:

A valid point.

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Number 2:

For the scintillating exchange between Beast and…everyone else. May be the most-modded question ever.

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Number 3:

I don’t agree with the premise, but the aftermath was awesome. 156 answers (I think)

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Frizzer is so amazing and I feel like I’m betraying an old friend but…

Sparkle = #1 top winner A1

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Syz, I don’t think the cake question was in 2008, but I’m too lazy to look it up right now…

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Don’t forget, 2008 isn’t over yet.

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Knot – Actually, most modded Q is this one. This is also a 2008 Q, and I quite like it. It’s probably not the best Q of the year, but definitely should get at least a nod =)

And I would like to add my vote for the frizzer too. That one made me LOL more than anything else.

oh and chica is right. cake Q was in 2007.

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PnL – freakin hilarious!!!! i had never seen that Q before!!! and there’s poor little eambos in a veritable sea of deleted quips. just looking at it makes me want to curse or something. this is the first time i’ve ever wished i was a mod: so i could read all the rude/dirty/not politically correct (?) answers!!

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WTF! I’ve never seen that CIA question! That edges out frizzer in my book!

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pnl- uber even mentions it in the q I quoted. thanks for keeping me honest again, hee hee.

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Don’t forget the cube

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i definitely seocond robmandu’s vote [=

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Ever have constipation so bad it hurts to move?
Shilolo’s diagnosis (appendicitis) and advice (get thee to an ER) saves Judochop’s live.
How in the world do you beat that?

I just typed out that link on an iPhone. You’re welcome.

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Can I add about 100 more GAs to Nimis’ suggestion?

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Wow! Thanks Nimis! and for typing out that whole thing on your iPhone – that’s dedication!

Reading that miraculous post makes me wonder what else I’ve missed. Hooray for cross-post-pollination!

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Though I love “Frizzer” let me count the ways, I think “Shi saves Judo’s life” may be the best thread of all time.

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I second..

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I third!

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I don’t know how the heck I missed “frizzer” but I am sorry that I did. I almost split my side open reading through that question.

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I knew it! The best question of the year would be posted on the last day. You can read it here, but there’s a 99% chance that it’s already been moderated down.

Luckily, I capped it for posterity. NOT AT ALL SAFE FOR WORK.

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