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I bought a new desktop PC today with Microsoft Vista, and it has crashed twice tpday while using itunes. Any ideas as to why this is? The computer is only hours old?!?

Asked by brownlemur (4076points) September 2nd, 2007
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From what I’ve researched, they don’t play well together yet. There are a couple of tweaks listed in the support section of the Apple Web site. I don’t know whether the recently released Vista SP1 fixes the problem. I believe Apple didn’t get the relevant specs in time to develop a compatible release, so it’s probably a waiting game at this point.

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isn’t microsoft offering there own zune system with per song purchases like iTunes?

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what version of vista are you running? my sister has been running iTunes on her vista home premium for almost 6 months so far and it hasnt crashed once. I would make sure that you are using the latest version of iTunes (apple recommends atleast iTunes 7.2)

heres apple take for troubleshooting

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I’m using Vista home premium and itunes version 7.3 (I think), whatever the latest version is (downloaded today). It has crashed 3 times, each time while I am downloading videos from the itunes store. I just don’t get it….

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If this helps, when I get the blue error screen, it says that it may be related to anti-virus software, so I just uninstalled that stuff….we’ll see what happens.

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Well, there’s a VERY good chance that an iTunes update is just a few days away. Until then the Apple troubleshooting info given should help, or you can also search the Apple Discussions > iTunes for Windows pages for others who have dealt with your problem. Hang in there!

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Buy a Mac.

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What can I say except it’s Vista and it don’t play well with others.

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