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What thing--that happens to be the color "green"--can't you do without?

Asked by charliecompany34 (7810points) December 10th, 2008

kermit the frog said “it ain’t easy being green,” but you know what? these days, i’m having a lot of love for things that happen to be green from vegetables to sports uniforms. what is it about the color green?

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i’ll even eat the green lifesavers. who wanted those years ago?

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—My army coat, which I wear because it’s cold out.
—My garden, in the summer.
—Most of my T-shirts
—My Emerald Rose CDs.

While I have stretched the definition of “can’t do without,” I do so only because green is my favorite color. Mmm, green!

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i have to have spinach or broccoli or greens or string beans.

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Unfortunately money.

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@pupntaco: always the funny response as usual.

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Green is vital to life on this planet, whereas red is vital only to beings with circulatory systems like ours. I can’t do without chlorophyll.

Green and yellow Life Savers were my two favorites.

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- The giraffe I received for my 22nd birthday. (That’s what happens when you write a song about giraffes, I guess.)
– My modified-ish jacket that suits me for all seasons (which some people compliment, and others silently mock. Or verbally.).
– Several of my shirts.
– Ginger ale cans (the ginger ale would be impossible to transport!).
– Plants. (I like breathing.)
– Irish breakfast tea, which comes in a green bag.
– The post-it note reminding me that my guitar jury is at 9:30 on Friday.
– My little green ESV bible. (The price on that site is ridiculous, by the way.)
– My eyeballs.

Strictly speaking, I could do without any or all of these things (to varying degrees). I just happen to like them. And green. I like green.

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Soylent Green.

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But it’s people! Soylent Green is people!

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Well, I would say money but it’s not really very green anymore, is it? So I guess I’ll say our fluther jelly friend, since he personifies fluther.
I guess actually he jellifies fluther.

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the green at the begining of spring again. the trees and plants and grass. it means that life has came back again to the states here.

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Probably money and broccoli.

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The plants on this planet that produce oxygen and reduce Carbon dioxide, sustaining humankind and others.

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Greenhouse gases are pretty cool…
Mr Green Jeans
Absinthe is green…

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The Reverend Al Green

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money and broccoli. seedless grapes are good too, nicer in green than purple.

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I love love love my grass green kitchen-aid mixer!

I also love everything green outside. Anything I buy, I try to buy I’m green—it is my favorite color!

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I love my dark green shirts and sweaters. I could definitely do without my World Views class binder, which is green. After my exam tomorrow, it’s gonna burn :Z

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My garden
My trees
My favorite sweater
My Peridot jewelry
Granny Smith apples
The quilt I made before I married
My monstrous custom-built china cabinet
Green beans, broccoli, artichokes or asparagus with lemon mayonnaise

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Mint chocolate chip ice cream. (Even though we all know the white mint ice cream is better..)
Trees to make air for me to breathe
My favorite blanket
Weed (actually I could live without it, but I do like it..)

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My kitchen with its green walls.
All that lovely spring green…ahhhh, I can’t wait for spring!
My peridot jewelry (@Darwin: August birthday?)
The color itself…my favorite.

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@augustian – my birth stone is ruby but I like peridot better. :-)

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is it bad that, thats the only green thing that came to mind? :P

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I would like to add nyquil to my list of green things I can’t live without.
Thank you.

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Salt water over oystershells.

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My eyes are green. I would hate to live without them .

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actually I hate green, so I’m generally ok. I never eat anything that is green except the odd cucumber (but I could do without that), I prefer red or yellow peppers and apples to green, and I have a couple of green shirts I like, but could live without them. The only useful green thing in my life right now is my car, which is very dark green, almost black.

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