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What should I name my environmental consulting business?

Asked by emilyrose (2272points) December 10th, 2008

I want to re-name my consulting business. The core of my work and talents includes: excellent relationship-building skills—I am a crazy networker bee and I am very well-connected in the local environmental scene, particularly in San Francisco. I also do: event promotion, marketing, campaign strategy, project management, advise government agencies, businesses and nonprofits about how to save money by becoming more sustainable, particularly when it comes to reducing waste. I excel at public speaking and leadership development and training. What can I name my business that would be a good name for the myriad of services I have to offer?

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Green Bee instead of queen bee (or green bean). People are digging the “green” thing.

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Green Bee is cute!

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“Redux.” Then have fun teaching people to pronounce it.

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Is it really that hard to pronounce?

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Green Genius

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Ms. Green Genes

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If you’re into the whole rhyming thing, you could go with The Green Scene or something like that…

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aidje- Depends on how you pronounce it.

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The Green Tree.

For me that gets the whole nature idea in there…and the connectivity. Plus, you could have a really cool looking logo.

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Global Green? Or Global Green Consulting?

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There is another group called Global Green : )

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What is the business currently called? I’m thinking you might not want to completely do away with an already familiar name, and may be able to incorporate it into the new name somehow.

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The name is not familiar at all. I have only one client. The name is so awful that I am afraid all of my hard earned lurve would be taken away if I mention it here. Trust me.

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I’m usually good at naming things, but am having difficulty getting a good grasp on this one. What is the main image you’d like to project? What is special or different about your company? Are you young or mature? Are you (and your company) edgy, cute or serious? If you feel comfortable, PM me your actual name. With more info, I might hit on a good one for you : )

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Augustian is asking exactly the right kind of questions for a naming / branding exercise. It should convey a lot more than just being a name.

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I think the best thing about me and what separates me from some other companies is my connections and the way I can use those to build new relationships, or promote a company/event/etc. I’m young, enthusiastic, and energetic. Honestly the current name is NOTHING. It’s my initials + Consulting. Garbage I tell you! If someone hires me to help promote an event, people will come. If someone hires me to to help build a volunteer force, I will build it. I like to think I excel at thinking through long term marketing strategy. I’m fun, maybe a little out there. For example part of what I do for one company is dress up in a crazy costume, but it gets attention, and people associate that company with their craziness and that builds the personality of the company. Does that help? It can’t be so out there that serious companies won’t want to hire me though. Right now I have government clients, and I’d love to work with larger companies to build their sustainability initiatives.

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Thanks for the info, emilyrose. I’m thinking on it, and will get back to you if something comes to mind : )

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thanks, Augustlan! You rock!

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SustainAble Connections
Green @ Work
Living Network
re: Green
Right Angle Connections / Right Angle Consulting

Some of those are probably crap, but you never know which one might be a winner ; )

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strange… i was totally thinking of Sustainable Connections!! Thanks for the ideas, this helps!

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Great minds, and all that!

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It’s Easy Being Green!

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On the networking theme, what about Natural Networks? Whole Community?
Living grid
Closed loop

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I like the network idea. Green Networks. Sustainable Networks.

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How about Bee Conscious

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@emilyrose What did you choose?

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I haven’t decided yet… maybe sustianable connections

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“the power of sustainable connection in a world going green”

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Manic Marketing

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Nectar Rising

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