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Favorite artists at the intersection of folk/rock/country?

Asked by answerjill (6170points) December 10th, 2008

Inspired by Jackson3’s call for indie rock suggestions (, I decided to put out some feelers of my own. I tend to like bands and singer-songwriters that mix elements of folk, rock, and country. Feel free to share your favorites here.

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Is there one of those aspects that you perfer specifically? I run along the same general lines, so here’s some suggestions;

Blitzen Trapper
Andrew Bird
The Broken West

I highly suggest Pandora as well, they’re normally pretty good at match-making for you.

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Gram Parsons
Gene Clark
The Gourds

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Alabama 3 (known in the US as A3)
Jace Everett

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Michael Nesmith
The Byrds

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Dave Matthews Band
Some Bright Eyes can be put in this category

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I loved Blind Melon. “Hippie” might be a better description of the genre, though. Does Phish count?

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Also, Cloud Cult. Fantastic.

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I like this type of music, too, answerjill, and will be interested in seeing what the suggestions are!

Carbon Leaf

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Doug Sahm (aka Sir Douglas Quintet).

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Allman Brothers Band, some of Dylan, Allison Krause and Union Station, Emmy Lou Harris, Lucinda Williams, Doc Watson

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Iron & Wine
My Morning Jacket
and 2nd-ing Mike Nesmith (aka Papa Nez).

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Gov’t Mule.

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Uncle Tupelo

Son Volt

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Ooh, great ideas, people. Thanks! Here is a suggestion of my own: Josh Ritter.

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Folk wise i like Newton Faulkner and Ingrid Michaelson, they are kind of modern folk

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Avett Brothers
Bob Dylan (good answer, Petey)
Jackie Greene

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The Avett Brothers.


Please check these guys out. The instrumentation is excellent, with genre blending from acoustic ballads to bluegrass to jazz to rock and back again. They remind me a lot of Dylan, though Dylan shouldn’t be associated with country in my opinion. But if you haven’t checked out Dylan yet, by all means do so.

Also, because it is indie/folk/rock, check out some Elliott Smith, because he’s one of my favorites right now.

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M. Ward is kind of a lo-fi folk sound, drawing on all kinds of American popular music.

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Jackson Browne (an oldie but a goody)
Norah Jones (sometimes)

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Calexico, Sean Hayes, M Ward, Whiskeytown, The Be Good Tanyas

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Bright Eyes
Samantha Crain

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Wow, lots of advice. Did anyone mention Gillian Welch?

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Bonnie Prince Billy is always a good one!

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Lucinda Williams fits all of the criteria. Or, I guess Lyle Lovett.

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I almost forgot about The Jayhawks. Check out “Tomorrow the Green Grass” or “Rainy Day Music.”

Additional Moog “Thirty-three and a Third”
The Beau Brummels “Triangle” and “Bradley’s Barn”
The Everly Brothers “Roots”
Dillard & Clark “Fantastic Expedition of”

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I’ve been listening to the Avett Brothers. Good recommendation!

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WHATS UP WITH YOU PEOPLE? You never heard of the “eagles”

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Do the Eagles have anything to do with folk?

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Holy crap, I can’t believe no one has mentioned the Grateful Dead yet.

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@aidje,for folks sake,it’s all there man.The ultimate FOLK/ROCK/COUNTRY band ever.

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I guess I haven’t heard enough of the Eagles personally to notice the folk element. Also, Wikipedia labels them as “rock, country rock”, so I was trusting that.

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Eagles are ok (for misogynists), but they certainly built their career on the backs of those who came before.

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Speaking of misogyny, you’re going to love this one, Dave:
Dr. Hook.

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jenny lewis and/or her band rilo kiley.
conor oberst and/or his band bright eyes.
there’s another band i’m thinking of, but it’s not coming to mind. it’s an older band.

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I’ll try some Ritter, Thanks. I see no one mentioned Eliza. Her lyrics are Dylanesque. I need to listen to the music with keener ear. Glad to see Lyle Lovette received some mention. Curious that John Hiatt didn’t hit the radar.
Later daze,

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@Knotmyday Just joined a few days ago,and discovered this thread…a great one to nourish. The Dead were conspicuously not mentioned. Maybe I’m too old. But American Beauty, Workingman’s Dead, and the “Skull and Roses” albums are classics. I also feel Robert Hunter’s lyrical work on those masterpieces are enough to seal his legacy.
And a half-step Mississippi Uptown Toodleloo to you,

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It bein’ summer, I took off my shirt,
And I tried to wash off some of that dusty dirt.

Me and my Uncle, parked right at the intersection of folk/rock/country.

The Dead live on.

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Duh! I forgot to mention Neko Case! Listen to ‘Hold On, Hold On’ and see if you dig it.

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