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What is this weird interference between my phone and my computer speakers?

Asked by intro24 (1431points) December 10th, 2008

I keep my cell phone near my computer speakers whenever it’s not with me and I’ve found that the computer speakers make a static sound right before the phone shows that I’m recieving a call or a text. The speakers sometimes make the sound in a short burst without reason but not nearly as noticeably. Finally, when I moved the mouse on my old computer and volume at max there was a static sound when I moved it. I have a Verizon Dare and standard Dell speakers. Overall, I’m just wondering if anyone can explain exactly whats going on. Any ideas?

Sorry about the long details and thanks in advanced.

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It’s GSM-band interference, if I remember correctly. I remember a YouTube video showing that you could put a square of aluminium foil on the back of your phone to stop this.

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it’s some kind of weard interference that happens with every speaker (i think so) that’s next to any phone.

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Only GSM- the CDMA phones don’t have this problem.

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By the way, the “short burst without reason” is the phone pinging the network. That’s why it happens even though no call or text is being received.

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